Impact Of AI On The World As We Know It

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Impact Of AI On The World As We Know It

It’s 2020! In today’s time, It’s a normal thing now for you to browse on the internet and stumble across blogs or pages that seem to have something to do with your interests or something related to your likings. Well, it is because you are lucky to be alive in the age of AI. And the impact of artificial intelligence in everyday life is getting hard to ignore. It is extremely difficult for us to even think of a day without AI — and why? Because it simply made our lives easier.

What is this Artificial Intelligence?

AI or artificial intelligence is when a machine is performing tasks on its own that require human intelligence. In other words, artificial intelligence makes machines learn and perform things that only human beings were once capable of performing, that too in real-time. This process is called machine learning, and it means that the machine can now learn and perform certain actions, and most importantly improve itself just like human intelligence with a series of logic and commands without any further human assistance.

Okay! So how will or is it making an “Impact” on the world?

Fare question. How is ai being used now? It’s making things easier. How exactly? Simply take this example into consideration. Imagine how much the human race can progress if we get a helping hand that can solve problems and also help us save time. Time is valuable. It takes loads of time to process a huge chunk of data manually, however, with the help of automation and artificial intelligence, it is possible to go through a huge chunk of data in a matter of minutes. It can also make it possible for humans to predict certain things about the future, such as weather and many more. In medical science, artificial intelligence already took a big leap, doctors can now perform endoscopic procedures with the assistance of robots and AI — the impact of artificial intelligence in everyday life is undeniable

Not just in medical science, artificial intelligence is everywhere around us now and in one way or another, it does make our life a bit easier.

Here are some of the example of artificial intelligence in various fields

1. Artificial Intelligence in MARKETING

Although humans are still a significant part of the trade equation, AI is growing more and more relevant. New research from the United Kingdom reveals that although hedge funds are reluctant to automation, they use AI-driven research to create investment strategies and portfolios. Many advisors use AI to evaluate millions of data points at an acceptable price, to conduct business, and to predict forecasted markets more effectively and to minimize the possibility of higher returns efficiently. The advantages of artificial intelligence in marketing are pretty huge. When statisticians on Wall Street learn that they can use AI to other finance areas like stock banking software, they can potentially break millions and millions of data points in real-time and gather details that existing mathematical models can not. They were genuinely pleased and excited.

You can read more about the impact of AI on Marketing by following this link.

2. Artificial Intelligence in SECURITY

With the help of tools like face recognition systems, biometric scannings are now a part of our life. Everything more or less is getting introduced to artificial intelligence and security systems are getting stronger. Airports, banks and even traffic stops have face recognition systems added to their security cameras in order to track down criminal activities easily. Artificial intelligence video surveillance is the present now. The importance of artificial intelligence in security platforms are increasing day by day.

3. Artificial Intelligence in BUSINESS

Artificial intelligence, including automation, data analysis and natural language processing, is already widely used in business applications. There are strong market benefits of artificial intelligence. These areas of AI across industries simplify operations and enhance efficiency.

Automation eliminates repetitive and sometimes dangerous jobs. Information mining offer organizations incredible perspectives. Intelligent search engines, supportive chatbots, and better mobility for visually disabled people are now finally achievable by natural language processing. Other truly common AI applications include data transfer and cross-references; updating files; prediction of consumer behavior; recommendations for product and detections of fraud. The impact of artificial intelligence in business is huge.


As everything has a downside, people also did consider some of the negative effects of artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, It’s still safe to say that we are many many years away from getting enslaved by robots — if something like that is actually going to take place just like it happens in the movies. Till then, we can use this marvelous technology for our benefits and advancement. From the birth of robots to the use of chatbots and Google Assistance, Siri, Cortana on your devices, we came really far. From getting precision treatment procedures to turning your house into a smart house, artificial intelligence, or simply AI is becoming a part of our lifestyle now. It’s becoming the new normal.