Impact of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics in Healthcare

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Impact of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics in Healthcare

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When thinking of AI and robotics in the medical field, exoskeletons and robotic surgery are what that pops up to your mind first. However, in reality, there are several other ways machine learning and automation are transforming medical care practices at their core.

The notion of robots in the healthcare sector is not a new concept. Utilizing AI software ensures better security as well as offers boundless possibilities. Take a moment and imagine robots practicing surgeries on humans in operation theatres. This mere thought of putting the patient’s life into the hands of mechanical robots seems petrifying.

But, it’s high time and the medical sector is getting ready to adopt it. However, it is already assisting the physicians in processing the data and aggregating, thereby making the treatment or diagnosis accurate. And this is the reason why medical robots are increasing at a fast pace. Indeed, there is a great impact of AI in healthcare.

As per the report from Credence Research, the global medical robotics market was estimated at $7.24 billion in 2015, whereas it is expected to cross $20 billion by 2023.

New initiatives and startups begin every month, many with audacious aims and potential to transform their respective sectors. However, if you want to know the impact of artificial intelligence and robotics in the healthcare sector, then follow along: