Impressive Medium Articles on AI/ML This Month

Original article was published by Richmond Alake on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

An insight into how self-promotion on LinkedIn could land you a job at a FANG company, theoretically.

Roman Orac has written a short article on his hypothesis on the actions that led to a conversation with a FANG(Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) recruiter on a possible job opportunity.

Writing on Medium is a proven way to build a personal brand within a particular field, and it seems that Roman had been writing technical articles on Medium. Writing on Medium was the original reason Roman assumed had led to his exposure to a FANG recruiter.

Through direct contact with the recruiter, after an initial email correspondent, Roman finds that a simple LinkedIn search had resulted in his profile showcased in the search result.

Roman attributes his rise to the top of the LinkedIn search result page when terms such as ‘Data Science’ and ‘Programming’ are typed, all to his previous efforts on self-promoting Medium articles on LinkedIn.

Through self-promotion on LinkedIn, Roman gained high interactions, connections and profile views, which could have led to Roman LinkedIn profile showcased when the term ‘Data Science’ was searched.

Although Romans article is based on a theory, self-promotion social media platforms have proven to provide the exposure developers, and machine learning practitioners require to gain a new job role and opportunities.

An excellent read for:

  • Machine Learning Practitioners
  • Data Scientists