Improve UX with Data Science and AI

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

What is UX and why it is important?

User Experience is that something everyone get a feel after using the website , mobile application or Device , The feel has to be positive else you will loose that customer , Many top companies are focusing on the UX because they do not want loose their customers , more than a good looking front-end , The experience has to be done by user’s need , for that reason AI and Data Science comes to play.

How will the AI and Data Science can be affect the UX ?

Artificial Intelligence and the Data Science are having more capable of understanding the customers need and giving them what they really need , If a customer looking for something in a website if he got that in a first page then he will buy it , else makes the next move next website , to understand the users need and their solving their issue quickly can be give a positive feel of using the website or something

Major things can be done with AI and DS for UX

Recommendation System

We should know more than customer knows about themselves , then only we can recommend them what they really need .

Collaborative Recommender System

This system recommends by the others experience it is widely used independent recommendation , if user A is watching movie 1,2 and 3, and user B is watched the movie 1 and 2 then we will recommend him movie 3.

Content based Recommender System

A content based recommender works with data that the user provides, either explicitly (rating) or implicitly (clicking on a link). Based on that data, a user profile is generated, which is then used to make suggestions to the user. As the user provides more inputs or takes actions on the recommendations, the engine becomes more and more accurate.


Chat-bots also known as “conversational agents ” , The customer have any issue means they call to the customer care but the response can be get in slower because waiting progress to connect with the executive and it makes an bad feel about that particular service , it may cause to loose the customer , to overcome this we can use the chat-bot , it gives quick reply and will work for 24/7, By the report of Capgemini it proves that 75% of businesses using chat-bots report at least a 10% boost in customer satisfaction.


Now a days people are not only satisfied by the nice looking UI , they demand more from them , Like Auto form filling etc…, Not only for the user side for the developer side also some automation process helps to done something hard things in very short time which will be useful because the developer can focus on more important tasks .

Main things for using Automation

  • Reduces costs
  • Less errors, Automation wont make much mistakes
  • Less time consuming

Lot more things that can be done by AI and DS in UX