Incredible AI

Original article was published by Kavya Kumar on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Artificial Intelligence hinted something big would come in future when IBM’s DeepBlue at 1997, defeated the world champion chess master Garry Kasparov in a chess game. It was the light of hope for all the scientists of that time to dream more of Artificial Intelligence because people that time considered AI as an impossibility or fable. I must say, scientists have hustled their way to here, to here where the Artificial Intelligence is substituting the precious creation of the nature.

1. Artificial womb incubator

On July 22, 1954 Emanuel M. Greenberg filed a patent on the design for an artificial womb. In 2017, scientists succeeded in creating an artificial womb in which a lamb fetus was kept and developed for 4 weeks, in the same manner how it would have develop in its mothers womb. This created a history so far, because womb is considered very sacred, mysterious as it is the birth place of all the living organisms. Scientists have so far managed to clone human beings and animals like dogs, cats and others such, but cloning the womb will be a history worth of its own.

This technology could be seen as a sample of potential of science, because following this, an artificial womb similar to a human’s is on its way to come. You read it right, the clone of the women’s ability to bring life into the world, is told to be created with the help of intelligent machines and software. It is a scientific process but the process of fetus growth is said to be done by providing it with all the elements it would naturally require. To know more, you may watch the provided video.

2. 3D optimization in shopping malls

Shopping is an exciting and fun activity but the selection of clothes takes a lot of time because the dress that may seem fine on a mannequin may not fit to a human body, and some of those that fits, may not be comfortable, this is the common issue which could be found during shopping. But it seems like this problem will not be existing in the near future because thanks to the AI, as it has a technical solution to help us out here. Already some malls have adapted the 3D intelligence technology where according to the shoppers specification of style the collection of clothes would be segregated. This is the case of the present AI technology but something more advance is yet to come.

In the very near future, shopping malls will be seen with the advanced 3D technology, that will scan the customer’s body, according to the data of their body measurements the 3D projector will display the animated virtual form of that customer in their selected dress. The customers will not have to take up the hassle of trying on different number of clothes, they can simply seek the help of AI to display a virtual vision of them in the selected dress. This brand new technology is fun while it saves time and effort of both customers and the shop executives.

3. Artificial Intelligence along with Machine Learning to cure depression

The depression rate of the world has been crazily increased in contemporary, especially after the evolution of technology, excess exposure to social media platforms is resulting in developing unhealthy emotions like lethargy, insecurity, enviousness, anxiety, depression and etc, in humans. Social media is not a bad thing to get involved into, because only through that people from different parts of the planet are being able to connect with other people who are far distant, but we can never ignore the dark effects that which is affecting the humans. But it seems like technology is trying to take responsibility of this situation, because it is ahead to utilize the power of its potential. Instagram announced that it will implement AI which will be able to detect negetaive emotions like depression, anxiety and suicidal plans in the users. It would detect by scanning the behavior of each user by filtering their search results, by the posts they are focusing onto and by recognizing the emotional difference in the tone of their voice.

It basically evaluates the data of the user, detect them and inform it to the concerned sources so that some rational actions could be taken.

4. Artificial Sun and Moon:

Nature is always a mystery, amazement, and sacred, no matter how much ever stature may humans reach to but they could never afford messing with nature. We all know that it is impossible to alter the sun or the moon element, because they are the natural stars of the nature but what if humans created an artificial sun or the moon? sounds silly and impossible isn’t it? Well, the scientists of the current generation are all set to turn this impossibility into a real possibility very soon. 2 years back China had announced to bring an artificial moon in upcoming years, the plan is to cancel out the concept of street lights an replace it with one artificial moon which lights up at evenings with the capacity to lighten the entire city at once.

Artificial moon is still fine, because moon element is bearable and could be experienced closely but the technology is crossing all the limits and boundaries by announcing to create an artificial sun in upcoming years. The sun is likely to be 7 times more hotter than the actual sun! and the device could serve as a template for future nuclear fusion reactors. Duan, a Chinese scientist is working behind this program.

5. Robot cuddler

In this technical generation, humans have reduced interaction with other humans and have been glued to their phones, ofcourse one wouldn’t get enough time on building relationships. This is the reason for the highest rate of depression and loneliness that the current generation is suffering. But the technology has come up with a solution, professionals robot cuddlers are officially legal to be used by people. The robots will cuddle their owner while sleeping, they spoon their owners to make them not to feel lonely or alone. Not only to here, it is expected that humans may actually find their love of life in robots in near future.

All this creations will only measure the ability of technology, but humans can live in peace until and only if the intentions of AI is healthy.