India has a distinctly different use for AI: N Chandrasekaran –

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Tata Sons


N Chandrasekaran

said the current narrative around

artificial intelligence

and automation — of efficiency improvement and these replacing human jobs — stemmed from developed economies and that developing countries like India had distinctly different use cases for these technologies. “The narrative of AI taking jobs comes from advanced economies because of their challenges when it comes to ageing workforces, markets getting mature and lack of growth,” Chandrasekaran said in his first keynote address at the


Technology Leadership forum.

Listing out a few characteristics that would make future technology usage and adoption in India different from developed economies, he said technology would have to be leveraged here firstly to create markets, unlike in other markets where technology was making existing markets more efficient.

India’s demographics demanded a different approach to automation, he said. Chandrasekaran, who was previously the chief executive of the nation’s largest

IT services

company, Tata Consultancy Services, said the Indian technology industry’s vision for 2030 should not just include software professionals and white-collar workers, but must also include others in the economy.

“We have to remove this hallowed effect and aura about AI and the misconceived fact that AI is only for the elite or well-read,” he said.

In the coming decade in India, 90 million


would be joining the workforce which entailed that unlike developed economies, age or lack of resources would not be a problem for the economy, he said.