India’s Hottest Jobs in 2020

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India’s Hottest Jobs in 2020

Blockchain developers, artificial intelligence specialists and JavaScript coders will be the most sought-after titles in 2020, LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report (pdf) finds. Technology will continue to be the biggest driver of hot jobs, with IT, software and internet firms creating the maximum demand.

Other prominent roles include robotic automation consultants, back-end developers and growth managers in product and marketing functions. But jobs requiring a human touch — such as customer success and lead generation specialists — will also be in vogue as “relationship management combined with a deep understanding of the client’s needs” gains currency.

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Anushma Dubey — Rather insightful! I also happen to see JavaScript related jobs making the cut as well, in the article. Platforms such as ReactJS are getting popular and I feel the reason for this could be the upsurge in requirements for User Experience in software. Gone are days where the prime focus was always backend software development. Thus, proving that while logic and data have their own place, user experience is also growing significantly important.

Nirajita Banerjee — Blockchain Developer, Artificial Intelligence Specialist and Robotic Process Automation Consultant are among the top 15 emerging jobs for the year ahead, according to LinkedIn’s new report. India is the second-fastest digitising economy in the world, so it is not surprising to see technology still dominating the emerging jobs market. However, now the requirement is more for jobs reflecting the human side of tech. For instance, customer success specialist or lead generation specialist.

Prerna Sindwani — India adds 12 million people to its workforce every year. And, with automation making inroads in the Indian job market, humans are competing with machines to keep up. Blockchain Developer, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, and JavaScript Developer to be the top roles in 2020!

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