Influence of AI and Data Science in our Everyday Life

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Influence of AI and Data Science in our veryday Life

Internet is the biggest thing in today’s world, we can see the growth of the powerful internet from its scratch to the present date, as before it was only used as search engines but now it has become the daily companion in every one of our lives. Artificial Intelligence is one one of the field in computers that prompted in building today’s technology-driven world, now the field has grown to untouchable heights yet still most of the people think AI is only about robotics and something related only to robots but the fact is AI is literally in every skin layer of the internet. But wait, AI could not have done this magic all by itself, because it is only a specialist in creating machines that are capable of self dealing in given any situation, but not anything about dealing with data. Data Science is the field that empowered AI to work in perfection.

Why Data Science?

Data is the fuel here as it is what is required for AI machines to work with, but data comes in various different types and size which AI cannot afford dealing with, hence, Data Science comes in rescue by providing the exact type of data needed by AI.

Data Science is a field of mixed concepts and methods yet they all rationally work together. Main purpose of Data Science is dealing with the abundance of data that is generated in Quintilian bytes everyday. The process goes from gathering of data from every possible source to scrapping and categorizing of that data, remodeling data and reaching out to the possible approachable solution for mostly industrial related problems.

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As we can realize Artificial Intelligence and Data science are two different worlds of fields, each one is very specifically functional about its core purpose but these two fields have a intersection spot, and that is in everyday activities of our life. Let’s see that.

Digital marketing
Digital Marketing is the new face of marketing in this technical world, and it is also the field that runs by 80% with the help of power-duo AI and Data Science. Marketers are intelligently leveraging the situation by interweaving the marketing opportunity in every way possible.

Direct sales through ads
If you have noticed nowadays no matter what kind of page we are in, ads will hit the screen interrupting our activity and these ads will be mostly of the things we desire. AI is the reason behind this intelligence, it will be given information about what an individual user is interested and planning to purchase, according to which each user will be hit by the ads. There is always greater chance of people buying the things only if they are constantly reminded of their desired products with This strategy has outcome to be the best method of selling the goods on the internet.

Data Science for SEO
Optimization was difficult in earlier times as one had to think through which keywords to be used to drive traffic to their content so they had to experiment using various keywords and see which is the right one. But now the case is all different and easy by Data Science, now one can easily get the list of trendy keywords at one click distance. It shows all the keywords that are gathering maximum keywords, making it easy to select a suitable keyword according to the content. This eliminates the major confusion while working in SEO.

Smart chat-bots
Chat bots are the new method of servicing in today’s most of the businesses, this method is time saving, quicker and smarter. Chat bots traditionally replace the human servicing of a business by attending to the queries of the customers with accurate answers but now an updated version of it is available which is specialized in NLP. It understands the query of a customer more efficiently than ever and provides accurate most results.
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