Intelligence and Inherent Limitations

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

But — there is one interesting aspect that is sort of talked about these days and has come up in a book I recently read — A Stange Bird by Jeff VanderMeer. And it is this idea of having something inherent within a body that makes it feel purpose. Or feel that your time is limited. That you need to finish something in order to reach some desired outcome.

Again, nebulous, I know.

But as humans, we have values that guide our thinking and actions, we have teachers that tell us what is out there, we have a physical body that is bound by genetics, we have goals, we suffer from anxiety, etc.

These are all limitations, sometimes hard-wired, sometimes self-inflicted. But they work in a way to push us in a direction that requires us to make another decision and another and another. Down a path where constant predictions are made.

This may be one of the crucial ingredients to making an intelligent life that we can relate to, one that has inherent limitations set by us or set by nature.

Who knows.

Thanks for reading.