Intelligent Diversions

7.6 billion of ‘us,’ increasing 140 every minute…

7.6 billion of ‘us’ are making decisions every minute, in order to ‘survive.’ It looks like this:

7.6 billion people
Making a decision.

How we ‘know’ this diagram depicts ‘decisioning:’

X and-or Y
Zero and-or one. (True and-or false.)
Circumference and-or diameter.

Why this ‘matters:’

Zero and-or one. One and-or two.

What it tells ‘us:’

Reproduction. Repetition. If X, then Y (If Y, then X).

A circle is conserved:

Conservation of a circle. (0(1)0)

What it really means:

Intelligent diversion.

How we ‘know,’ for sure:

Symbolic representation.

What it ‘boils’ down to:

Survival of a circle.

What’s the underlying probability:

100–0. 100-1.
49–51. 49–50.

What’s the underlying ‘message:’


Where it gets us:

Where. How. Why.
When. Who. What.

Profound or insipid?

Profound and insipid.

Conservation of the circle is the core (only) dynamic in Nature.

Source: Deep Learning on Medium