Interesting AI/ML Articles You Should Read This Week (July 11)

Original article was published on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

My 3-year journey: From zero Python to Deep Learning competition master By Miguel Pinto

Miguel Pinto lays out his path to becoming a Kaggle competition grandmaster for his readers. His path details his two-year journey in which he learnt Python, Deep Learning and many more related subject areas.

Miguel wrote this article to inspire individuals to take upon data science and all its related aspect. Miguel’s story is motivational as it shows the ability for individuals to progress from little or basic knowledge within a field, all the way to attaining an industry recognised achievement.

The introduction of the article starts off mentioning reasons as to why the popularity of AI has grown. Miguel shows the versatility and transferability of gaining skills in AI by showcasing a list of industries that benefits from the utilisation of AI-based solutions. But Miguel doesn’t shy away from stating the negative impacts that misuse of AI can have.

The recollection of his journey starts with an account of how he set out to learn Python and the difficulties he faced.

I like his no-nonsense and direct approach to providing actionable advice to readers. He has even highlighted his top tips in bold, so you will not miss any.

Taking a course by Andrew Ng is almost a rite of passage for the majority of machine learning students, including Miguel. Miguel includes a reference of what deep learning courses proved the most effective for him.

He also covers how in retrospect he would have approached his Deep Learning studies, which you, the reader can adopt now and probably reach a level of deep learning proficiency in a shorter timeframe.

The “Competing in Kaggle” section of Miguel’s article is probably the reason why most people would read the article. This section contains Miguel’s recollection of his rather quick progression through the Kaggle ranks and the struggles he faced when learning. Again, Miguel has highlighted key points and tips in bold, and these tips are career-defining.

The article ends with a nudge to the benefit of attaining knowledge in Deep Learning, even if you don’t choose it as a career choice.

This article is a great read for:

  • Deep Learning Students
  • Kaggle Platftoms Users