Interesting AI/ML Articles You Should Read This Week (Oct 11)

Original article was published by Richmond Alake on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

An article that delves into the hidden expectations and false reality that the widely abused term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ presents to the unsuspecting audience.

Nicole provides information on the inception of Artificial Intelligence as a field of study and research.

Covering the history of Artificial Intelligence will mention previous AI-winters the field has gone through. Nicole also suggests the possibility and a likely reoccurrence of a third AI-winter.

Taking a break from the term Artificial Intelligence in the article, Nicole shifts to a more accepted term: Machine Learning.

A mention of ML feats is made in this article, but Nicole quickly explains the shortcomings of machine learning by including the broader learning capability infants possess. Infant learning capabilities is a feat that is currently unachievable by the machine learning techniques we utilise today.

After reading this article, you might shy away from using the term Artificial Intelligence unapologetically, Nicole makes some good points as to the misleading reality the term can create.

Although to play devil’s advocate, I would say that the term Artificial Intelligence have brought eyes and ears into the ML field, which have led to more financial investments and interest into the field.

The term Artificial Intelligence can be seen as the mascot that we use to keep everyone entertained, while the real work and progress is ongoing in the background.

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