Interesting AI/ML Related Articles I Came Across This Week

Original article was published on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

The Stages Of Learning Data Science By Ken Jee

Ken Jee highlights the five stages one can go through when learning. And through his well structured and written article, he manages to relate each stage to what a data scientist might experience.

Anyone that’s tried to learn ideas and concepts within a particular specialized field will realize the cycles of difficulties and ease that a learner goes through. It’s these cycles within the learning process that Ken’s article elaborates upon.

The four of the five presented learning stages focuses on the competence levels of a learner and ends at the rather rare ‘mastery’ level.

I’m glad Ken opens up the article by speaking on the naiveness and ignorance of new learners that believe the entirety of data science can be crammed into a course or two and viola you are a data scientist!

Thinking that data science or any machine learning field can be rushed is an idea that a lot of individuals fall victim to, including me.

By including his own experience through each learning stage, Ken supplements each stage with tips and advice for preserving in moments of hardship and progressing to the next stage.

Tips presented in this article range from advising learners to remember their purpose for learning; maintaining consistency, and focus on just essential skills. This advice is relevant, even for experienced data scientists.

This article is a good read for Data Scientists of all level. And if you are more of a visual person that enjoys YouTube videos, then here’s a link that covers the content of this article.