Internship Experience at Apziva

Original article was published by Çağkan Demir on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Internship Experience at Apziva

Last summer I did my internship at Apziva in Software Engineering and participated in the Ignite program. Here’s a summary of my experience at Apziva as an Intern at Ignite program.

Working on Real Projects

When you join Apziva, you will get your first project after a big welcome from the team. While you are trying to complete the project, you can reach your mentor whenever you get a hard-time. As you complete each level, you work on more challenging tasks and projects. I learned so much and got great experiences while working on these projects.


Besides projects, I contributed Apziva as a Software Engineering Intern. My most important participation was about the e-mailing system of Apziva. In this task, communication with the director, getting help from mentor and working together with my partner was outstanding.


I worked with Aytuğ, who was also a Software Engineering Intern. I believe we did an amazing job with him. We reached our goals with the help of the whole team and our mentor Furkan. Especially after we established our team, focusing on software engineering, we also had the opportunity to work with other teams at Apziva, such as the HR, UX.

Final Thoughts

It’s wonderful to work on projects with residents all around the world. The program gently improves your soft-skills like effective communication, teamwork, research and most of all, problem solving. On the hard-skills, working on real world projects is really what makes Apziva special. Solving real problems definitely sharpens your programming skills. I truly benefited a lot from my time at Apziva and gained invaluable experience.

If you are interested in gaining hands-on experience by working on real projects and products I definitely recommend you to check their website and join Apziva.