Interview with Bruce Labenz, Author of Division of Labor

Original article was published by Kimberly Burnham on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Interview with Bruce Labenz, Author of Division of Labor

Bruce Labenz has just published a new book and he is trying to get it made into a movie. He has some suggestions of film makes as to who could be cast in the roles of the main characters.

Division of Labor by Bruce Labenz

Kimberly Burnham, Publisher: When Division of Labor by Bruce Labenz is made into a movie, who do you want to play the main characters?

Bruce Labenz, Author of Division of Labor: This is a fun question. Some of the roles are for people from The Office. The Office was a great show depicting a modern-day office setting. It would be fitting to have those people in different roles showing a work environment in the future. A work environment that would be at least as absurd as their TV show work environment.

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While not being an expert on choosing actors, that doesn’t stop me from having an opinion of such things. Here is a list of actors and actresses I think would be a good fit for the characters in the book.

  • Clyde: A 58-year-old man who has seen a lot, is world weary, and realizes the sham of the system: Denzel Washington, Steve Carrell or Adam Sandler.
  • Sophie: innocent, honest, vulnerable young woman: Ellie Kemper (from the Office) or Julianne Moore.
  • Luigi, a heavy man who was a pastry and food reviewer and experience maker: Leslie David Baker (Stanley from The Office) or Kevin Baumgartner (Kevin from the Office) both large men who could be made up to be 500 pounds.
  • Frank, not a humorous role but the likable average guy: John Krasinski (from the Office)
  • Jasmine, attractive temptress who has secrets: Eva Longoria.
  • Goldman, also not a comedy role, but an aging man who is comfortable in who he is and where he is in life, but he has some regrets: Ron Howard, Steve Martin, or Pierce Brosnan.
  • Ben Phillips, a likeable persona for a caring third grade teacher: Matt Damon.
  • Gwen Goldman, an attractive middle age lady who is living the good life and enjoying it: Heidi Klum, Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansson, or Selma Hyek.
  • Connie, a likeable wholesome everyday lady: Jenna Fischer.
  • Morton, a scumbag: Will Ferrell or Mark Walberg.
  • Meredith, a swimsuit fashion model: Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Emily Ratajkowski, or Kate Upton.
  • Artificial Intelligence Robots and Robotic Bus Drivers ( Marty and Henry)​ Jim Carrey

Bruce is enouraged by the interest in his dystopian fiction set in 2048 industrial Detroit.