Interview with Dr. Yoshua Bengio

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Interview with Dr. Yoshua Bengio

We run a week-long feature on the AI forefront. We flew to Canada and talked to the key people, including a father of deep learning, Dr. Yoshua Bengio.

Yoshua won Turing Award, dubbed as a “Nobel prize for computer science,” along with Geoffrey Hinton and Yann LeCun.

It was only since 2012 people started to appreciate their research on neural networks and deep learning.

I remember we were sharing rejection letters of reviews saying, “Oh this paper is going to be rejected because essentially it’s about neural nets.” And we were outraged, but being able to share those things and be outraged together really made it easier.

I discussed the burning question with him: “What is intelligence?”

Yoshua has been tackling this question, and he thinks at the heart is the notion of understanding, and how to learn to understand.

You can enjoy the full interview below: (Japanese)

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