Introduce Rubix ML, A Machine Learning Library For PHP Language

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Introduce Rubix ML, A Machine Learning Library For PHP Language

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First of All I Want To Tell You What The Meaning of Machine Learning. according To Wikipedia, The Definition of Machine Learning is :

Machine Learning is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that computer systems use to perform a specific task without using explicit instructions, relying on patterns and inference instead.

We All Know That Machine Learning Is Combination of Algorithm and Statistics to make specific task, Unlike traditional programming in which rules are programmed explicitly, machine learning uses data to induce rulesets automatically through training.

Computers are able to see, hear and learn. Welcome to the future.”

Today, Almost Every Artificial Intelligence was made by Python Language. Nowaday, PHP Language Turn in into ML World. It’s was unpredictable because nowadays, PHP Has Been Bullied From Other Programmer Because his non-consistent Code However There are so many Great Framework to Make PHP Code Was Good-Looking Available out there. for example : Laravel, YII, Codeigniter or Symfony.

The Definition

Okay, So What the Definition of Rubix ML ? According to Their Github Account :

Rubix ML is a free open-source library for the PHP language that allows you to build programs that learn from your data. We provide tools for the entire machine learning life cycle from ETL to training, validation, and production with over 40 modern supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms to choose from.

The Official Rubix ML Website is :

Why Choose Rubix ML ?

  1. Developer-friendly

Althought Rubix is Machine Learning, And Almost all of Machine Learning is “hard” But Rubix ML Was Make it Easy To use, It Written in High Language, Easy And Delightful API. so, it’s Have a Good “Humanity” To Programmers.

2. Modular

The Modular That Have made from Rubix ML are Great architecture that combines power, flexibility, and extensibility From Machine Learning.

3. 40+ Learning Algorithm

There is Some Example And Modern Supervised/Unsupervised Learning Algorithm That Rubix ML Brings to us. Make A Great Ideas And Example For Your Machine Learning Apps

4.Open source

The Rubix ML Was Open Source ML Library, So You Can Change it, Distribute it, Even Sell It With Free Cost. Allowing To Thousand People Contribute This Library in order to make it better.

Project Spotlight

There Is So Much Example of Rubix ML’s Projects Such As :

  1. House Prices Predictor Kaggle Competition

An example Rubix ML project that predicts house prices using a Gradient Boosted Machine (GBM) and a popular dataset from a Kaggle competition.

2. Dota 2 Game Outcome Predictor

Build a classifier to predict the outcome of Dota 2 games with the Naive Bayes algorithm and results from 102,944 sample games.

3. Text Sentiment Analysis From Movie Reviews

This is a multi layer feed forward neural network for text sentiment classification trained on 25,000 movie reviews from the IMDB movie reviews website.

4. Predict Credit Risk in 5 Minutes

Provided a 30,000 sample dataset of credit card customers, use a Logistic Regression classifier to predict the probability that they will default on their payment next month.

5. Handwritten Digit Recognizer

The MNIST dataset is a set of 70,000 human annotated images of handwritten digits. This example project demonstrates how to create your own handwritten digit recognizer using a multi layer neural network trained on the MNIST dataset.


So, The Rubix ML Is Pretty Good High Level Machine Learning, With lots of Example And Features. Hopes Someday, The Rubix ML Will Become Best Machine Learning Library For PHP Language, It’s Not Wrong To Start Study From Now, Right!? Welcome To The Future 🙂

See ya ! -Fliw