Introducing Deep Learning Sessions Lisbon

Original article was published by Lucas Soares on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

The team today is composed of:

Inês Pedro

Inês is a data scientist, with a background in Mathematics and Computer Science, currently working with Deep Learning models to solve NLP related tasks. Previously, she worked with image models and also as a software engineer. Besides studying machine learning and other related topics, she is a badass dancer.

André Ferreira

Andre is a recently graduated master’s student, with a background in Electrical and Computer Engineering focusing on data science. His main professional interests are machine learning, from scikit-learn to PyTorch, and data visualization, from interactive plots to full dashboards. In his spare time, he loves to run, travel (although not so much now 😷), and discover awesome music and games.

Lucas Soares (me!)

I am currently a research assistant working in the Champalimaud Foundation developing AI approaches to understand the visual system. I am on the verge of transitioning to a machine learning engineer position and my main interests revolve around Generative Networks, Reinforcement Learning, and understanding the computational implementations of general intelligence. In my spare time, I like to practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu, read and ride my bike.

Nuno Garcia

Nuno is interested in computer vision, his current research is related to multimodal data, video understanding, and Deep Neural Networks. He is also broadly interested in data engineering and data science. His Ph.D. (2016–2019) was with IIT and Università di Genova, advised by Vittorio Murino and working with Pietro Morerio.