Introducing the Glasswing Alumni Network

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Introducing the Glasswing Alumni Network

“My experience at Glasswing has proven lasting and impactful in many ways. Professionally, it has served as a catalyst for my career goals by enriching me with the right skillset to maneuver and succeed in my role as an investment intern. Even beyond this benefit are the many personal mentors and friends I made at Glasswing who continue to support my wellbeing outside the office, long after my internship was over. It is these deep relationships that truly represent the strength of the Glasswing network — going beyond handshakes and coffee — continuing to help breed new ideas, enable confidence, and accelerate my business acumen.” Kyle Dolce, Northeastern Co-op

A recent member of Glasswing’s Internship program, Kyle reflected on his experience and shared his thoughts above with the Glasswing team. Kyle captured the fundamental values of our firm, and our dynamic and collaborative culture. We emphasize the growth and strength of all the members of our community through collective learning, passion for frontier tech investing, and diversity of perspectives.

Our Boston location provides us access to a rich and diverse pool of student talent and research. More than 40 students from 9 leading universities have joined us as Glasswing Fellows focusing on independent projects, summer internships and Co-Op programs. During their time as Fellows, these motivated and dedicated students have collaborated on a wide variety of initiatives, from thesis development to sourcing, from diligence to marketing, and to helping grow our proprietary data platforms and AI modeling.

Moreover, these young leaders have created bonds and built meaningful relationships through community activities, social gatherings, and Glasswing’s Annual Summit.

Beyond their work at Glasswing, our Fellows continue to extend our network and actively contribute to the breadth of The Glasswing Platform.

We love staying connected and serving as a trusted resource for our students as they go on to work at large technology companies, high-flying tech startups and other VCs in the ecosystem. It is the value and significance of these long-term connections, which outlasts the cohort’s tenure at Glasswing, that makes us very proud of this affiliation.

To continue our mission of enriching our relationships and strengthening our vibrant community, we are excited to announce the launch of The Glasswing Alumni Network, an initiative that will facilitate ongoing connections, collaborations and learnings among our extended Glasswing family. The Network is designed to augment our Fellows community in a holistic and systematic way, similar to other programs on our Platform.