Introducing Watson Studio Desktop 2.0

Original article was published by Gene Azad on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

End-To-End Data Science Experience

In tandem with the release of Watson Studio Desktop 2.0, we are also excited to announce the release of Watson Machine Learning Server 2.0, our single-node server and that can be integrated with Watson Studio Desktop for an end-to-end data science experience. With both products, you can now get full end to end deployment — explore and train your machine learning models in Watson Studio Desktop and deploy and scale those models on Watson Machine Learning Server.

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How are Watson Studio Desktop and Watson Machine Learning Server are better together?

Offload Workloads and Lightweight Scaling
Offload compute workloads from Watson Studio Desktop to seamlessly scale AutoAI Experiments and SPSS Modeler execution for model building through a Watson Machine Learning Server.

Have a Data Science Repository and Framework for Model Operations
You can use a Watson Machine Learning Server to create models and configure deployments for infusing in applications.

Deploys Analytical Assets Created in Watson Studio Desktop
Watson Studio Desktop features UI integration with Watson Machine Learning Server for managing models. Now you can manage deployments programmatically through Watson Studio Desktop