Investing In The New Electricity — Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

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Investing In The New Electricity — Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

June 22, 2020

That was the opening statement kicking off today’s discussion with my fellow investors on the current state of investing in A.I. Currently, data provided by KPMG suggests that global funding for A.I. accounts for ~$12.4bn but is on pace to reach beyond $230bn by 2025. Insights like these show just a small piece of the bigger picture that A.I. is building. Over our 75 min+ roundtable discussion today we quickly shifted from this topic to one industry-defining point after another including —

  • What’s the current state of A.I. today during the pandemic?
  • Where are the current use cases (i.e Automation)?
  • How is the diligence process different now from true A.I. and Machine Learning companies? — Get your technological chops ready, we’re going full algo!
  • Is A.I. really intelligent? How can we avoid skewed/bais learnings?
  • Where are the investment opportunities globally? — Don’t forget picks and shelves are crucial for the early days of any technology.

For the full episode and more, tune in here —

My guests on today’s episode included:

  • Henri Asseily, Partner at Asseily Group
  • Nicole DeMeo, Founder at Outfront Solutions
  • Rana Gujral, CEO at Behavioral Signals
  • Gary Fowler, CEO, President & Co-Founder at GSD Venture Studios
  • Adrian Niculescu, Regional Director UK & Romania at Faster Capital
  • Sunmeet Jolly, Founder & CEO at GROTU & 101 Islands LLC
  • Konstantin Petrov. Co-founder,
  • Eli Jawad Ansari, MD at FinTech Global Markets

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