Is Artificial Intelligence an Inevitable Future?

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Current Status . . . on the Rise

Did you know that about 1.7 million jobs are expected to be put down due to autonomous driving only in the USA? Maybe we do not care enough or maybe we just think that we will never reach a point where we will be taken over by self-driving cars. Well, you better think again, because it is happening and it is not only in auto shows and concept cars’ displays. Uber alone has ordered around 23,000 self-driving cars and it already started using its autonomous trucks in the trucking business; it is called Otto. A very cute and appealing name for a huge truck; an alarming one, however, to all those middle-class people who work in the trucking business and who know nothing other than this business.

Uber will make more money, that is for sure, but what will happen to all those drivers? Oh, you might say they can work in a coffee shop or a pizza restaurant; well, I am sorry to break it down to you, but those are following automation as well. Many coffee shops are now using robotics to serve their drinks, and Pizza Hut has already started its fully automated restaurant. Do not worry, if you are a pizza lover, you will still be able to taste the same amazing flavors as before. If you, on the other hand, work in one of those shops, well I won’t judge you for being angry and upset.