Is Automation Going To Replace Jobs?

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When people hear about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning they think that everything is going to get automated and jobs will be replaced by machines and the World will run into Chaos. So seeing the advancement in these fields would this be a scenario in the coming years.

How long before Automation Takes over our jobs?

Google shows off its Google assistant calling up restaurants and making a pretty complex inner reservation despite encountering difficulties

Now this is super impressive and it is really a true feat of Technology but is it really AI when determining what AI actually is something that often gets confused. The AI that we see in our phones that make it seem as if the singularity is only a few years away is not actually as advanced as it may seem.

When we hear something about AI we think of a Turing test where an examiner sits across a wall and has to determine who is on the other side of the wall, a human or computer by asking a variety of questions. But the Turing test may not be the test that we should be too concerned with I think that the Turing test is more of an indication that we’re getting closer to general AI. And this is where a lot of general public get confused it seems as if we’re getting closer and closer to a general AI that could take over all of our jobs but in reality right now we’re only perfecting the skill of predictions based on lots and lots of previous data.

The recent Google’s assistant is able to reply correctly is that it has the ability to remember millions of conversations both in the written word and in the spoken word and by being able to remember all that it an make a calculation which is based on what’s been previously said in this conversation what other conversations have I heard

that match this one the best for the conversation.

We are right now at a very basic level and just perfecting the game of prediction and this isn’t enough to wipe out our jobs and takes over us, we are in the phase of reaching general AI.

Is Automation something to be worried about?

Now many of us are worried about if already machines are taking over our work in automobile industries, food industries and also making intelligent decisions would more advancement in AI will be harmful to us and takes over all the jobs?

The answer is Yes and also No.

Automation is going to eliminate the jobs and it already has, but the jobs that are gonna be crushed are repetitive and boring jobs. When electricity came along that put a lot of people out of work, where a lot of people used to carry buckets of water and lighting lamps. So what it did was it freed people up for new creative work, so did the advancement in technology crushed their jobs? Yes. But it equipped people up with new jobs more creative and innovative one might say.

There is no finite number of jobs we’re not like sitting around dividing up the same jobs that were around since the Stone Age so obviously, new jobs are being created and they’re usually better jobs more creative jobs.

Will AI take over us at some point?

AI is stronger, it’s powerful and way smarter than us. The day we invented machines we knew it was stronger than us it s powerful than us, the day we designed busses train we knew it was gonna run faster than us, the day we invented computers we knew its gonna be smarter than us but one thing that AI is never capable of learning and take over us is the Wisdom.

Humans have Wisdom, the difference between being smart and having wisdom is that a smart person knows what it wants and a wise person knows what it does not want, and this is the point where AI can never cross or overtake humans no matter how much it improves.

Lets be prepared for what’s coming 😍

I think what is coming is gonna be a huge AI Revolution and it’s going to transform society in a way that we have not seen since maybe the Industrial Revolution with AI-augmented reality and other super-advanced technologies I think we’re gonna see a huge shift over the next 25 to 30 years.

So, stop being worried about losing jobs and start learning something innovative, start being creative because a wave is coming if you’re not innovative enough if you’re not creative enough your job will be taken away by a lot of machines and ai technology and will wipe up you and the people who are creative and innovating will go along with this flow towards prosperity.