Is ONPASSIVE the next Big thing in 2020? New AI Solutions?

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Is ONPASSIVE the next Big thing in 2020? New AI Solutions?


In recent years the usage of Artificial Intelligence has increased considerably. All businesses starting from finance to sports are using AI in nowadays. The companies focus on structured data for learning customer patterns and take future business actions with the help of business automation tools. This is where ONPASSIVE comes into the picture. ONPASSIVE provides AI-powered multiple business automation solutions for various businesses to grow.

Now let’s understand a little further about ONPASSIVE.

What does ONPASSIVE mean?

ONPASSIVE is a one-stop solution for all digital requirements for your business. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, this platform truly helps your business by automating day to day business activities such as generating traffic, filters that traffic, and eventually leading to final sales. These tools are specifically designed to generate maximum revenue for your business and provide you a better ROI.

Along with providing you with the best-automated business solutions, it also opens up a passive income opportunity for you through its MLM opportunity called GoFounders.

ONPASSIVE offers you a comprehensive suite of effective marketing products, tools, software, and services specifically designed for providing you success in this highly competitive online world.

This platform is not only for earning money, but it also offers you the opportunity to help others who want to be successful in their businesses.

How ONPASSIVE helps Entrepreneurs?

The usage of AI is surely growing day by day. Entrepreneurs are making use of AI from search assistants and employee management to self-managed analytics to understand user behavior according to their choices and preferences.

There are multiple choices of technologically enhanced tools that entrepreneurs can make use of nowadays. Entrepreneurs rely on faster, smooth, affordable, and accurate modes of marketing.

The entrepreneurs indeed try to search for unique methods of marketing their respective brands, and ONPASSIVE is always there to help.

Now let’s discuss how ONPASSIVE helps the entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals.

  1. Giving Personalized experience to their users — With the utilization of AI in the platform, now the entrepreneurs will be able to contact the users of the websites or social media sites directly. In return, the customers will get much-personalized experience from the entrepreneurs as well.
  2. More Effective Automation — All the business-related tasks and procedures are going to be automated. So far, only a few business procedures are being automated, and it is not long when numerous business tasks will be automated. The entrepreneurs will be able to focus on areas that require their attention.
  3. Better Insights — Entrepreneurs will be able to track their customer data with the help of AI-powered tools. They can learn about their user’s behavioral patterns and can strategize accordingly. This saves time, money, and effort for the entrepreneurs.

What are the tools provided by ONPASSIVE?

ONPASSIVE offers a set of multiple tools to help all businesses round the clock. These are the tools that will help business owners or entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.

Here are the tools that entrepreneurs can use.

AI-Powered Crowdfunding Tool

AI-Powered Crowdfunding Tool-” Ideas,” this is the keyword behind every successful or unsuccessful business. Every business idea can change the world, but there are very few ideas that do come to light, the main reason for this is lack of funds. The solution to this problem is by the method called crowdfunding.

The platform not only creates a fundraising event, but it also promotes causes. The platform has the power to understand the initiative and is more than capable of promoting the initiative on multiple platforms at the same time

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