Is there any popular app to chat with strangers in India locally?

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Is there any popular app to chat with strangers in India locally?


There are various chat applications like Indian Chat, Chat with Strangers, Uncoverme, Desi Chat, Telegram, and HOWZIT locally available in India. HOWZIT is an AI Messenger chat application available freely in Google Playstore. It is an All in One Application. It is purely South Indian Made application. It has been developed in Madurai, Tamilnadu. Madurai is famous for Meenakshi Temple, Jallikattu, Malligai Poo, Nayakkar Palace, Jigarthanda, and Madurai Peoples’ love. I think Howzit will join this list soon.

Chat With Strangers in HOWZIT

This Howzit Chat application is having a lot of features like Public Group (Chat with Strangers), Audio Image, Online Language Translator, etc.

This chat application allows the users to chat with strangers via Public Groups where the user can use a nickname to chat. In the public group, any user can create a group with any name and chat with the members in the group without disclosing personal information. India is a country that follows an ancient culture & having multilingual regions, so the developers of this ai messenger had designed it with a Language translator. This feature is helpful while chatting with strangers in Public Group. This online translator works instantly while chatting. The user can type the message in any language, and the same message transfers to the other members in their language. So the users of this application need not worry about the language, and they can chat freely in their language with strangers.

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