Italian Start-Up Breaks Boundaries With one of the Most Advanced A.I. in the Mobile Ads Industry

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Italian Start-Up Breaks Boundaries With one of the Most Advanced A.I. in the Mobile Ads Industry

One of the interesting things that has happened in Italy in the last few years is the adoption of A.I by a handful of forward-thinking companies, one of them being Mapendo, a Bologna-based start-up that has rapidly risen in the world of mobile advertising. The company’s proprietary A.I. technology is able to (anonymously) analyze users’ activity on their smartphones and with the resulting data, are able to optimize clients’ mobile marketing campaigns by ensuring that the ads being served up on these devices with astounding accuracy. This is the next level of personalization, made possible by Artificial Intelligence.

Of course we haven’t quite yet reached the technological advancements in the industry required to create a full blown self-aware A.I. robot, but Mapendo has certainly been able to develop some pretty cool tech that has opened the door to additional advancement and is starting to make some waves.

The technology, which was fully developed in Italy by Mapendo’s founders, is one of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms in the mobile ads industry today, able to exponentially increase app conversions while being able to control fraud, which is an insidious problem in the industry and notoriously very difficult to manage. The company understood that an automated system of personalized ad campaigns is the key of efficiency in the realm of online advertising. And the company is continuing to grow this technology.

Mapendo is able to reach the right user, at the right time, in a seemingly magical way. However this is what this advanced A.I. technology is engineered to do, reaching a whole new level of mega-targeted marketing. The algorithm (called JENGA) uses the most advanced machine learning tech in order to predict the suitability of a specific mobile ad being served up to the user. This maximizes the profitability for the advertiser, and allows for users to be shown ads that are actually relevant to them.

Mapendo is looking to improve and expand its A.I. capabilities, with the core team of software engineers and data scientists always working on analyzing the data and improving reporting methodologies and standards.

“We are striving to remain at the forefront of mobile advertising technology, and every day we are looking to improve our software in order to do so. We want to shake up the industry, and improving the technology behind the “magic” is one way to do that”.

-Mapendo CEO and Founder Lorenzo Viscanti

With the exception of the technological advancements made in supercars coming out of Bologna’s motor valley, some people’s perceptions are skewed towards the idea that Italy does not necessarily produce and export particularly advanced tech products or solutions and the country in general might be perceived as skewed towards a less “techy”. Culturally and ethnically this may be true up to a certain point, however Italy does indeed export tons of technology across multiple sectors. Mapendo wants to help shatter this perception. We are already seeing important trends in where tech investments are being funnelled, with the latest data and analysis demonstrating that Europe is likely to become the hub for the next “silicon valley”.

So within this context, Mapendo is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new start-ups spearheading the technological advancement in Italy. Of course this is just one sector and even within this sector there are other ramifications in the way that A.I. is being used and leveraged. As we have covered in a previous article, there are other Italian companies whose business strategy revolves around the use of A.I. technology. In contrast to what Mapendo does, these other companies are developing their tech in order to accomplish things from enhancing dating websites to improving logistical processes for industrial corporations.

If these positive tech trends continue in Italy and Europe we are likely going to see some amazing companies come out of the woodworks that will bring into focus true innovation, and hopefully these advancements will become a springboard for the future.

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