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Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Machine learning, tips for writing clean & scalable JS and Angular project structure.

Essential Cheat Sheets for Machine Learning and Deep Learning Engineers

List of cheatsheets for different machine learning frameworks, gathered from different sources.

12 tips for writing clean and scalable JavaScript

  1. Isolate your code
  2. Modularization
  3. Prefer multiple parameters over single object parameters
  4. Destructuring
  5. Use default values
  6. Data scarcity
  7. Line and indentation limit
  8. Use meaningful variable names
  9. Use async / await where possible
  10. Module import order
  11. Get rid of console

Building an enterprise-grade Angular project structure

In this article following topics are covered:

  • defining the entities that make up our project at each level of the stack
  • distributing our Angular and Typescript entities in folders
  • monorepos vs libraries
  • state management as a collection of service modules

We are adding new libraries to JavaScripting.com every week. Here is one worth checking out:

Ej2 Javascript Ui Controls

Syncfusion JavaScript UI controls library offer more than 50+ cross-browser, responsive, and lightweight HTML5 UI controls for building modern web applications.

One more thing. Check the latest article on Salsita Software blog from Pavel John, who is a full-stack developer at Salsita Software.

Dynamically Updating Client-Side Configuration Using Server-Side Environment Variables

“Serving environment variables dynamically to your web app can be challenging. Here are two suggestions for tackling it properly.

One thing you can do is to read the configuration at runtime on server-side and then make these values available to the browser. You can import them statically on page-load by inserting a <script> tag into your index.html. Another possibility is to read them dynamically using XMLHttpRequest.”

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