Know More. Do More.

Original article was published by Demyst on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

A little history

Demyst started out building custom solutions. Led by client demand, we provided an external data ‘one-stop-shop’. We launched the first and deepest value-added external data marketplace. We’ve integrated our tools with all of the best cloud platforms and AI tools. We are constantly innovating to catalyze the discovery of data. We’ve spent 10 years honing our craft. We are a team that works to implement and deliver value. And we’re proud to partner with and deliver value to many of the leading global banks and insurers.

But we’ve never discussed why we do what we do.

We are excited today to launch our new vision for data’s true calling.

External data’s moment is now

We are at a tipping point :

  • According to McKinsey, 70% of transformation projects fail. Projects involve the layering of complex technologies. High vendor platforms integration costs. Lofty strategic advice that faces massive practical challenges. Enterprises are beyond frustrated by the prohibitive cost of change.
  • The pace of global change is now so fast and generates so much data, that for most use cases external data is far better and more accessible than internal. No longer an afterthought or cost function, to optimize customer workflows, external data comes first.
  • The rise of data access platforms, including Amazon and Snowflake launching data exchanges which is causing a proliferation of available data

Data is NOT the new oil. It’s no longer about proprietary content. Data’s true calling is as a use case value delivery mechanism.

Far better than other approaches, such as installing software or complex program management, data is low friction but flexes to deliver rich insights where it matters, within existing systems and processes.

Know More. Do More.

Enterprises need a better way to deliver use cases. One that unblocks internal friction. One that unlocks the unrealized potential of the data. One that favors knowledge over data. One that prioritizes implementation over perfection. This is what we stand for :

Know more: Knowledge and insight, relevant to the right use cases. Not a data deluge. Our core IP is embedded within the technology that discovers relevant insight in the context of integrated data assets. The right insights to understand end clients, be they businesses or consumers.

Do more: Use cases implemented in production. Operationalization is a consideration from day one. External data as a value delivery mechanism means we can affect the sort of real change in weeks that otherwise take years.

A new chapter

Starting today, we launched in beta our new auto-discovery tool: Here you will find off the shelf external data-enabled use cases.

In a few clicks, you can get instant insights in seconds. Learn which data affect business outcomes. And collaborate with our team to harness the entire data ecosystem and tailor use cases to your specific needs.

From there, our process will get use cases to production, where they matter, fast. This is where you and your customers win.

As part of our goal to bring friction down to near zero, we’ve also been hard at work building out strategic partnerships with a core strategy of giving you insight into where you already work. This includes pushing data into all the major cloud platforms and CRMs, linking to the market’s best unique identification keys, and connecting in with many AutoML solutions.