Know What Information is Credible and What Isn’t with Verity

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Know What Information is Credible and What Isn’t with Verity

Verity’s COVID-19 Credibility Tracker is a weekly round-up of COVID-19 articles with their associated Verity Scores®.

To make it easier understand we’ve separate articles into high, medium and low categories.

  • High Credibility Score (7–10) — indicates a reliable article with minimal bias and inaccuracies.
  • Medium Credibility Score (4–6) These articles may be worth reading but any claims or conclusions should be verified by additional sources.
  • Low Credibility Score (0–3) means the content is likely unreliable and inconsistent with known facts and journalistic principles.

At Verity we are committed to keeping the media honest, helping people make more informed choices and enabling organizations to drive engagement by providing more accurate and reliable content. For more information about our approach visit our FAQ or read this post.

This Week’s COVID-19 Article Credibility Ratings

High Credibility (and therefore most accurate) articles:

Medium Credibility (should be verified against higher scoring content) articles:

If you come across a COVID-19 story that does not appear to be reliable or accurate please report it here or contact us via Email.