Laiye’s Pandemic Investigation Robot to Be Patented for Contributions Against Coronavirus

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Laiye’s Pandemic Investigation Robot to Be Patented for Contributions Against Coronavirus

Laiye announced today that they submitted several new patent applications for COVID-19 detection to SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office of P.R. China), and the corresponding PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) application to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). The application pertains to the intelligent robot that can automatically understand what users say, give appropriate answers, and execute tasks accordingly.

During the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, new challenges have surfaced, such as wide scope pandemic detection in communities, the risk of cross-infection during in-person interactions, and so on. Under these circumstances, Laiye jointly cooperated with THINGO to provide an RPA Intelligent Visiting Robot for the Longteng Community of Longquan Street in Wuhan, China, free of charge. This greatly reduced the community staff’s workload, helping the community do screening more efficiently.

However, a difficulty in investigating COVID-19 is the diverse range of Chinese dialects, since dialects pose a challenge to ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition). The robot needs to listen and comprehend different dialects to provide quality services for people that live in areas with COVID-19 outbreaks all around China. To tackle this, Laiye conducted around 200 outbound calls using formal language. Visitor replies were collected for manual analysis, which consisted of determining if there was a translation error in their answers. Common translation errors were then compiled into a dialect-specific dictionary for keyword replacement. With this unique keyword-based dialect optimization combined with intelligent speech recognition and natural language processing, the RPA+AI robots could get to work. After the investigation robot understands visitor responses clearly, the assistance robot then automatically performs tasks such as obtaining an outbound resident list and sending daily emails to community personnel. While this process usually takes 3 staff members 8 hours to complete, it can now be finished in just 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the information collection robot is responsible for tasks such as collecting outgoing call lists from MIS, processing and screening Q&A information, and writing back to the MIS system; the message notification robot queries the personnel list database, interprets data, and exports outbound result. Because these processes are fully automated, 1,000 calls can happen simultaneously, and so 30,000 outgoing calls can be completed in just 2 hours. Now, work that usually takes 10 staff members 8 hours can be completed in just one.

Laiye’s patented technology uses intelligent speech recognition, enabling the investigation robot to “listen clearly,” and uses natural language processing to achieve semantic understanding, enabling the robot to “thoroughly understand.” After clearly listening and thoroughly understanding, the robot uses its OCR and speech synthesis capabilities to automate processes such as the collection, extraction, input, and feedback of information. The robots assist in all manual work during the pandemic investigation, dramatically improving the accuracy and efficiency of the investigation and reducing the risk of infection.

During the 2020 Spring Festival, when China was in the early stages of pandemic prevention, Laiye independently developed and designed a comprehensive RPA+AI solution for pandemic prevention. The robots call to inquire about the residents’ health, collect information, and report the entire process. Achieving end-to-end automation, investigations can be done with greater accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The Laiye solution has received positive responses from many communities in Beijing, Hubei, Hunan, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Ningxia, and other provinces and cities.

Guanchun Wang, founder and CEO of Laiye, stated, “ Laiye promises to continue to provide communities with free robot products and services for pandemic prevention and control.”.

Laiye Technology has used RPA+AI technology to play an active role in pandemic prevention, effectively fulfilling corporate social responsibility and achieving good social results.

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