Landing.Tech #16 — Black Mirror is real, at least part of it

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Landing.Tech #16 — Black Mirror is real, at least, part of it

Slowly, countries are starting the post lockdown phase, and the tech world has seen the first changes from the pandemic starting to rise. Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey announced this week that Twitter employees will be able to work from home forever as long as their roles allow it. I believe that’s just the beginning and that we will see a lot of other companies doing similar announcements.

Gladly that’s not all this week, and technology keeps moving forward through this:

While we won’t be able to just go outside and go back to the world we knew until late, Technology is trying to help us make the most of what we can. Being able to walk in the park, sit in the grass, and just catch some sun is great. In Singapore, you’ll be able to do it, but you’ll need to get used to having a robot (it really reminds me of the ‘Metalhead’ episode of Black Mirror) reminding you to keep a safe distance. How cool is that?

It seems Qualcomm is not slowing down! The first phones with their Snapdragon 765 processor are just being released and they are already announcing the Snapdragon 768G. The main differences? Better CPU and GPU performances. With the 765 being the first chipsets to include 5G modems, this new version also includes the same modems and will see it’s debut on the Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G Racing Edition. What’s your take on 5G?

It’s getting foggy at Apple? In the past couple of months, several well-known engineers of the Cloud industry have been hired by Apple. While the company has behind most of the other big tech companies, seeing these moves may indicate they are finally betting and investing in their tech infrastructure. But the question remains, is it only to catch up on the other tech sharks, or do they have some ace up their sleeve?

I’m not in the predictions business but I’ll be looking forward to checking what Apple will come up with. Simpsons, on the other hand, should really be on the predictions business. They would have done a freaking large amount of money. Check this to watch the timelines between the episode when they predicted something that would end up happening.

Last but not least, if you ever wanted to be an Ant, now you can. The Queen allowed me to share this with you.

The future starts today!
Pedro Saraiva
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