Landing.Tech #17 — Help wanted: Autonomous robot guide

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Landing.Tech #17 — Help wanted: Autonomous robot guide

So the “new normal” has arrived in the world and with that, we finally see the “old normal” returning to Tech. That means that companies are back acquiring other companies and releasing products that are not directly related to the pandemic. Good signs, I believe!

Here’s what got my attention this week:

The pandemic stopped a big portion of the economy, but as always opportunities arise during a crisis and one area that has seen growth influence by all the contactless measures is autonomous delivery robots. This is not about autonomous or self-driving vehicles. It is about robots that operate on sidewalks and not roads. I’m looking forward to the day I receive my first McDonald’s order delivered by a robot.

Facebook is helping to set a subsea cable of 37 000 kilometres to increase Internet service in Africa. In March, I wrote about Alphabet’s bet in balloons with the same purpose. It’s always good to see this happening, but a the same time questions arise regarding their business interests behind these projects. What’s your take on this?

If you’ve been around for long in the Tech industry, you probably remember the different Crypto cycles that happened. 2011, 2013, and 2017 are the most known peaks. In this article, we can see a comparison between the three cycles and the attention they got from the world on all of them. When do you think the next cycle will be? And what will that cycle bring to the world?

Besides these three points, this week we still got the usual debate around contact tracing apps now that we can leave our homes, and all the possibilities to use tech for the post-pandemic world. I believe we still need a couple of weeks to really understand which possibilities will be not only useful but also adopted.

The future starts today.
Pedro Saraiva
Event Producer @ Landing.Jobs