Learning to code Day 3

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Lets discuss what are the steps we will be using post setup

Thanks for holding on pal, it means a lot to me. I know you are as passionate about programming as I am. I was at your stage six months ago. I still remember the process, the grind, chaos and the consistency it took me to get good at programming.

Let me tell you, I am not like other tech bloggers. I will be very honest with you here. Coding is neither difficult nor hard. Its a byproduct of your logical thinking ability. You can’t just memorize code as often you will face situation where you will need to build your own algorithms to find a suitable solution to the problem. Unless you have strong logical sense, programming will be hard for you.

Today let’s do some common programs which a beginner usually does when new to programming in Python. For this you need to open the Python3 IDLE which you installed on your computer.

After the IDLE opens up, today you do only few tasks, around 5, not more than that. Why? I understand you have to achieve big dreams. But remember, Rome was not build on a day.

In your IDLE,do the following calculation and write down the results in the comment box below:

  1. 2 + 2
  2. 2 * 2
  3. 2 ** 2
  4. 3/2
  5. 3//2

That’s it for today. Do this much and then tell me the answers in the comment box. Even if you find some strange writings in red, write that,based on your comment future blogs on the above questions will be written clearing your doubts.