Leonardo Da Vinci’s inferential perspective

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Leonardo Da Vinci’s inferential perspective

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Drew Conway’s data science venn diagram explains in simple terms the field of data science and how it intersects with Mathematics & statistics, Hacking skills and substantive expertise (domain). Simply put, what the image describes is the ability to solve problems in a field of familiarity using the fundamental tools learned from college, the internet, or some sort of educational forum which are mathematics (calculus, differential equations, etc.) and stats (probabilities, variance, medians, etc.).

He further, extends that to be able to do your duties as a data scientists you would need some Hacking Skills. What this entails is the ability to integrate foreign concepts, tools, information and insights to derive a solution. Usually, this concepts is referred to as the Leonardo Da Vinci’s inferential perspective (I coined this). An ability to form patterns, correlations and interconnectivity between moving parts of a system.

My Journey

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