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story title: list — the World’s 100 Most Inspiring People
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date: December 2019

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— about the list —

recognizing influential leaders:

Who inspired, influenced, motivated and fascinated us most in 2018 — ooom presents: the World’s 100 Most Inspiring People for year 2019. The annual ranking is based on votes from an international jury. The ooom editorial board and our prominent jury joined forces to create this unique list.

our mission:

Our ooom motto is inspiring people — that’s our mission. We’re entrepreneurs, publishers, media and communications experts, and consultants. In a digital + high-tech world, people long for inspiration.

We use our expertise, creativity, and enthusiasm to help people and companies to reach their goals in a different, better, and more sustainable way. The magazine covers visionaries, pioneers, and inspirational leaders — and is one of the leading lifestyle magazines in Germany.

— special message for year 2019 —

For the 4th time — ooom presents its annual list called ooom 100: the World’s Most Inspiring People. No less than 8 women are in the top 10.


our selection process:

The list is subjective, and illustrates individuals who impressed us this year — it ranks the world’s most inspiring people. The 100 names were selected by a international jury consisting of inspirational personalities.


our selection jury:

judge: Betty Williams
laureate for the Nobel Peace Prize

judge: Nipun Mehta
advisor to US President Barack Obama admin.
advisor to the Dalai Lama: name
founder: ServiceSpace org.

judge: Mathis Wackernagel
inventor of the ecological footprint
president: Global Footprint Network

judge: Stefan Sagmeister
leading graphic designer
Sagmeister + Walsh

judge: Hans Ulrich Obrist
influential in contemporary art
artistic director: Serpentine Galleries

judge: Roger D. Nelson PhD
teacher at Princeton Univ.
founder: the Global Consciousness Project

judge: Josef Penninger PhD
renowned scientist + geneticist
scientific director: Institute of Molecular Biotechnology

judge: Thaddaeus Ropac
acclaimed art gallerist
founder: Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac

our process: Voted by an international jury consisting of exceptional individuals from various fields.

— no. ?? • Ray Kurzweil —

no. 48 | Ray Kurzweil

The best selling author, inventor, futurist. He changes the world with his ideas.

  • a director of engineering at Google
  • co-founder of Singularity Univ.
  • founder of Kurzweil Technologies


— the World’s 100 Most Inspiring People —

list: by ooom

— top 10 —

1. name: Allyn Pierce • selfless nurse
He almost lost his life in deadly forest fires by putting other people’s safety first. A courageous hero.

2. name: Lady Gaga • talented icon
She joins the ran of the greatest entertainers. Her talent blossoms beyond all genre distinctions.

3. name: Arnold Schwarzenegger • conscientious critic
He’s an alanlyst of current politics, supports victims of natural disaster. With 30 million viewers on social media.

4. name: “Dalai Lama” Tenzin Gyatso • spiritual leader
He’s a symbol of grace, empathy, and global compassion. His message: Ethics are more important than religion.

5. name: Michelle Obama • first lady
She is the United States president of hearts. A female role model for millions of people.

6. name: Elon Musk • game changer
He builds the best electric cars with Tesla, and opens space with Space X. A game changer.

7. name: “Pope Francis” Jorge Mario Bergoglio • pontifex
He says the world needs free people. He kindles purpose + hope through his humility, religion, and faith.

8. name: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez • rising star
She’s a bright politician. Only a year ago she was as bartender, now she aims to change the United States.

9. name: Jeff Bezos • founder of Amazon
He changed our lives with Amazon. His predicts Amazon will go bankrupt and no company is too big to fail. A wise man.

10. name: Emma Gonzalez • activist
A student from a tragic high school shooting, started March for Our Lives against gun violence. A young heroine.

— full list —

11. name: Emmanuel Macron • President of France
The French Obama, the hope of Europe. A president of change.

12. name: Banksy • artist
Leads the art market ad absurdum. His work self-destructed after auction.

13. name: Meghan Markle • Duchess of Sussex in the United Kingdom
Leads the dusty Windsors into the future. Activist for a better world.

14. name: Richard Branson • visionary
The most innovative entrepreneur of our time. Sets new standards as a philanthropist.

15. name: Alessandro Michele • Gucci designer
The most important designer of our time who made Gucci the most coveted label.

16. name: Roger Nelson • global consciousness
The legendary Princeton professor and bestselling author proved that a global consciousness exists. We are one.

17. name: Emmanuelle Charpentier • geneticist
Invented the genetic scissor CRISPR/Cas9 and revolutionized the world of medicine.

18. name: Ian Cheng • video artist
Cognitive scientist who creates new ecosystems. An art world shooting star.

19. name: Steven Pinker • Harvard psychologist + bestselling author
Bill Gates calls his new work, Enlightenment Now, the most important book ever written. Many agree.

20. name: Xi Jinping • President of the People’s Republic of China
Led China back onto the global stage. Powerful world leader.

21. name: Stella McCartney • designer
Renounces the use of leather, feathers, and fur, creates animal-friendly luxury fashion. Role model.

22. name: Kerry J. Marshall • artist
Most influential African American artist in the world. Most expensive painting: USD 21 million.

23. name: Roger Federer • sports icon
The most important tennis players of our time; role model and idol for millions.

24. name: Bill Gates • philanthropist
With a capital of 50.7 bn in his charitable foundation, he changes the world. Hero.

25. name: Prince Charles • Prince of Whales in the United Kingdom
At 70 years, he still waits for the throne. Supports charitable causes around the globe.

26. name: Al Gore • climate fighter
Bill Clinton’s former vice president is the most outspoken voice against climate change.

27. name: Yayoi Kusama • artist
Japan’s most important artist has now a museum of her own in Tokyo.

28. name: Dean Baquet • Editor in Chief of The New York Times
A beacon of hope against fake news, the most powerful journalist in the world.

29. name: Mick Jagger • rock icon
Proves that it is possible to fill stadiums and entertain millions at age 75. Role model.

30. name: Nadia Murad • activist
Nobel Peace Prize laureate, survived IS genocide, fights against human trafficking.

31. name: Barack Obama • 44th President of the United States
He was the conscience of the United States. The world needs his voice now more than ever before.

32. name: Bill Maher • TV presenter
America’s admonishing voice of conscience on TV. Fighter for freedom of press.

33. name: Satya Nadella • CEO of Microsoft
Restored Microsoft’s position as a global leader with his focus on Cloud platforms.

34. name: Hans Ulrich Obrist • art curator
The head of Serpentine Galleries communicates his love of art to millions.

35. name: David Steindl-Rast • Benedictine monk
Inspires the masses as a spiritual leader; founded

36. name: Mathis Wackernagel • ecological footprint inventor
Global pioneer of climate preservation; invented the ecological footprint.

37. name: Colin Kaepernick • sports icon
A new kind of politician, fighter for justice. Leads his country with great foresight.

38. name: Justin Trudeau • Prime Minister of Canada
A new kind of politician, fighter for justice. Leads his country with great foresight.

39. name: Jeff Zucker • President of CNN Worldwide
Under the Trump administration, he made CNN great again as source of truth.

40. name: Yuval Noah Harari • historian
Impressively communicates world history to a broad audience in his bestsellers.

41. name: Robert Mueller • special investigator
Former Head of FBI on a steadfast mission to find the real truth.

42. name: Ellen DeGeneres • entertainer
America’s most important talk master, gives hope and inspiration to millions in the LGBT community.

43. name: Es Devlin • designer
Creates stage worlds for U2, Lady Gaga, Louis Vuitton and builds AI-controlled sculptures.

44. name: Deepak Chopra • inspirational leader
Bestselling author, opens a path to spirituality to a readership of millions.

45. name: Abiy Ahmed • President of Ethiopia
Made peace with Eritrea immediately after taking office and reformed his country.

46. name: Charlize Theron • actress
Fights against AIDS in South Africa with her “Africa Outreach Project.”.

47. name: Waris Dirie • women’s rights activist
Genital mutilation declined from 71.4% (1995) to 8% in East Africa, thanks to her efforts to fight this practice.

48. name: Raymond Kurzweil • futurist
Google’s Director of Engineering changes the world with his ideas.

49. name: Russell Brand • motivator
Former outlaw turned spiritual superstar. Wants to change the world and started with himself.

50. name: David Hockney • painter
He’s an influential artist of our time. His famous painting Portrait of an Artist sold for $90 million.

51. name: Arianna Huffington • media entrepreneur
Founded the online newspaper Huffington Post, fights stress with her organization entitled Thrive Global.

52. name: Wes Anderson • director
Created a masterpiece with his animation movie Isle of Dogs. Stood out as a curator as well.

53. name: David O’Reilly • artist + filmmaker
Utilized the video game genre for his 3D art, works with artists including Spike Jonze and U2.

54. name: Nicole Kidman • actress
Shines a spotlight on violence in marriages in her TV series “Big Little Lies;” fights for women’s rights with UNIFEM.

55. name: Nipun Mehta • founder of ServiceSpace
Touches our hearts with his oeuvre, saves us from a “one-dimensional perspective.”

56. name: Arno Geiger • author
Touches our hearts with his oeuvre, saves us from a “one-dimensional perspective.”

57. name: Jane Goodall • behavioral scientist
Conducted research with primates to better understand us humans. A titan.

58. name: Rachel Rose • video artist
Creates multifaceted art full of poetry that viewers return to over and over again.

59. name: Larry Dossey • bestselling author
Spent decades of research into the influence of thoughts on healing processes.

60. name: Vitalik Buterin • inventor of Ethereum
Created a decentralized software platform for cryptocurrency and smart contracts.

61. name: Amy Schumer • actress
Holds the mirror up to Americans and teaches them a lesson in self-irony.

62. + 63. name: Sergey Brin & Larry Page • founders of Google
Have changed the world with Google since year 1998. They conduct research into artificial intelligence, consciousness, medicine. If it’s for the good of humanity, then by all means — continue. If the aim is global power — stop right there, guys!

64. name: Angela Merkel • Chancellor of Germany
Is under attack in her own country; remains Europe’s last solid rock in times of turmoil.

65. name: Oprah Winfrey • the voice of America
TV host and entrepreneur, donated hundreds of millions of USD for charitable causes.

66. name: Stefan Sagmeister • graphic designer
Changes our perception of design, redefines the concept of “Beauty” in his new show..

67. name: Josef Penninger • geneticist
Aims to decode the defect genes responsible for 10,000 rare diseases: a pioneer.

68. name: Leonardo DiCaprio • actor + global conscience activist
Fights with his foundation for climate preservation + endangered animal species: a hero.

69. name: Prince Harry • Duke of Sussex in the United Kingdom
His marriage made him beloved globally: he’s a fresh breeze for the monarchy.

70. name: Harald Höppner • founder of Sea Watch
Bought fishing boats + saved refugees in the Mediterranean Sea: a hero of our time.

71. name: Malala Yousafzai • children’s rights activist
Fights for the rights of children to receive an education with her Malala Funds.

72. name: Jean Nouvel • architect
Designed the Louvre Abu Dhabi, a masterpiece with a spectacular dome.

73. name: Emma Watson • actress
Fights for equal rights for women as special UN Ambassador. Inspiration for many.

74. name: Michele de Luca • scientist
Developed genetic therapy as the first step to heal butterfly children.

75. name: Bono • Irish singer-songwriter + eternal humanist
Activist for peace and against AIDS, collects funds with Pharrell Williams for the organization RED.

76. name: Carl June • pioneer of genetic therapy
Developed the first cancer therapy with specifically modified genetic cells.

77. name: Alyssa Milano • acgtress
Mobilized millions of women to share their experiences of sexual violence under the #metoo movement.

78. name: Betty Williams • Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Created the first city of peace for children in Basilica, Italy.

79. name: Masami Saionji • spiritual leader
Member of the Japanese royal family Ryukyu; started a movement for world peace.

80. name: Edward Snowden • whistle blower
Uncovered the global practice of surveillance and espionage. An eye-opener for the entire world.

81. name: Adam Neumann • founder of WeWork
Changes the way we work around the globe with his USD 20 billion startup.

82. name: Sister Lucy Kurien • founder of Maher
Gave a home to thousands of Indian street children with her organization. A hero.

83. name: Christiana Figueres • former UN FCCC director
Fought for the climate convention for six years; explains environmental problems to us.

84. name: Denis Mukwege • activist
Nobel Peace Prize laureate: he fights sexual violence in war.

85. name: Cindy Holland • VP of Netflix original content
Decides what Netflix plays; changes the way we watch television.

86. name: Parov Stelar • global star
Inspires 150 million listeners with his electronic music: fuses blues + swing.

87. name: Renzo Piano • architect
Whether The New York Times building or The Shard in London: He brings light into architecture.

88. name: Helene Fischer • singer
Positive spirit leads to success: successful.

89. name: Charly Kleissner • impact investor
He created Apple operating system OS X with Steve Jobs: he supports social entrepreneurs.

90. name: Jimmy Fallon • TV presenter
Makes us laugh with his Tonight Show: top entertainment.

91. name: Cao Fei • media artist
Chinese art pioneer, fuses video with 3D animation and virtual reality.

92. name: Peter Wohlleben • bestselling author
Wrote global bestseller about trees and the inner life of animals.

93. name: Ruben Östlund • director
Won the Golden Palm award with his satire The Square: genius.

94. name: Eckhart Tolle • bestselling author
Inspires millions around the globe, including Jim Carrey, as a spiritual leader.

95. name: Ervin László • President of the Club of Budapest
The science philosopher explains the world and our consciousness to us. A genius.

96. name: Jessica Walsh • graphic designer
With partner Stefan Sagmeister (#66) and her style, she shapes the U.S. graphic design scene.

97. name: Otto Scharmer • MIT scientist
He developed the Theory U: a future oriented change management theory.

98. name: Yvonne Catterfeld • singer + actress
Her lyrics touch our hearts. Not often is music that beautiful and inspiring.

99. name: Peggy Whitson • astronaut
Holds the record for a woman with 665 days in space. A true pioneer.

100. name: Emma Stone • actress
After La La Land, she plays a 17th-century maid in The Favourite. Outstanding.

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