Living DEEP

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

A Five Minute Friday weekly timed writing prompt

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Set the timer for 5 minutes and write –

There are many practices I engage in daily. I like the deep practice of writing and how it feels when I get into the flow. I enjoy deep conversations. There is deep knowing in the truth of things. There is a depth of peace when I am in yoga, walking or running practice as well.

I have dabbled with meditation practice and am thinking a lot this week about silence practice. Natalie Goldberg’s quote:

It’s good to do ridiculous things. Please, not on a highway.

I am drawn to the idea of deep living as opposed to surface living. I want to savor and enjoy. The synonyms to savor in my life may be the antonyms in yours. That is ok — everyone has their own way.

The barriers to going deep with thinking and writing is interruptions. Interruptions are the devil, the stoppers, the corks in the creative juice. Interruptions derail depth.

Working with depth then leads to the fear revealed. What happens if I truly heal? Will I still be able to write from the dark and shadow then? There is light but it is tainted currently.

The real me comes out in spurts and I am attractive in new ways to people who have not seen me in this light before. This is how I become the Accidental Inspirationalist. I inspired someone this week to write again just because she saw me do it and talk about it briefly.

Day by day on the edge of curiosity I will continue to collect words on the page. I will continue to dig deep and see where it takes me.