Lyriz — Wings for your run

Original article was published on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Lyriz — Wings for your run

The name Lyriz comes from the meteor shower called Lyrids lasting from April 16 to April 26 each year. The radiant of the meteor shower is located in the constellation Lyra. The choice of this particular name lies in the purpose of evoking the greek god of music and speed Hermes.

We can find a quote to this god even in the book “Six memos for the next millennium” as impersonification of lightness. So lightness, music and speed will be the principles of a new concept of app that aims to orchestrate artificial intelligence and machine learning to reach a totally different approach to everyday life.

In fact, it is possibile to generate new music starting from a pre-existent playlist and inherit all the features of the chosen songs. As all the processes that concern ML and AI, the machine learns itself from data given as input to produce an output as result without the need of human control. This output can be used for many circumstances, but in that case it’s a sequence of notes and chords. It’s something far from a randomic copy/paste of notes, we can say that the machine composes music thanks to the gained experience. The same result we can expect from a musician is possible to obtain thanks ML and AI with many advantages: new music composed every day based on the preferences of the user.

It’s something far from replacing musicians as they are fundamental for the evolution of music, but as it is happening in many fields, AI can start as imitation of the nature or music in this case, to show its structure, then from imitation AI learns from experience and the interaction with humans with mutual benefits: musicians teach to AI how to play music and at the same times AI pushes to the limits the knowledge of music. In other words we feed the machine with data in order to have a deeper knowledge about data and to catch connections that are impossible to see in other ways. We can learn a lot from this process and learning we can write better models or music as it is our purpose. Better music means better data for our machine and so on …

Lyriz is supposed to bring this technology to people in their every day life, but not only that. The concept of music is strongly connected with human feelings and emotions and can have a positive influence on them. So why don’t use this technology for a better sporty perfomance?

That’s the most important goal of Lyriz: genarating music for a new way of training.

Thanks to the modern technologies like smart watches that now are accessible to all we have a lot of data about our body. Speed, acceleration, heart rate and breathing are just some of the parameters available. It is possible to combine this parameters to music parameters to have sounds that better fit with our state of mind.

So, Lyriz can disclose a new world of possibilities that are still uncharted.