Machine Learning — A Brief Overview

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Machine Learning — A Brief Overview

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Machine learning is the latest buzzword in the software industry. If you are associated with this industry, you must surely have come across this term. Students want to learn machine learning, professionals want to leverage it into their systems, basically everyone wants a piece of the cake that machine learning is. Through this article I will try to answer in brief the following questions :-
What is machine learning?
What are the applications of machine learning?
What are the types of machine learning?

Definition: In formal terms, machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that gives computer systems the ability to learn on their own without being explicitly programmed. The below diagram shows the working of a machine learning algorithm. Apart from the input, we also give the expected output as a parameter to the algorithm. It then comes up with models and patterns which can be used for prediction, classification et cetera.

Machine Learning Process

Analogy: To understand machine learning in simpler terms, let’s take a real life analogy. Imagine how a child picks up a language by just observing people and experiencing their communication patterns. The child is not explicitly taught the language initially, still he learns to utter some words. Similarly machines can learn through experience and finding patterns in data, and this process is termed as machine learning.

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