Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligent and Deep Learning too)

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

I tell you that the future is not so far away, do you remember the cartoons “The Jetsons”? we met them for the Spanish version: “Los Supersónicos”.

Well, in the recent Berlin’s Fair Tech (More info here: IFA), washing machines that fold the clothes, refrigerators that approach the table obeying orders (both from Panasonic) and one of the first Huawei phones that implement brains (microchips) with self-learning 🧐, that is, that it can continue learning and making decisions without being previously programmed…

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is an important part of the new needs of our society and therefore of the technological evolution of the world.

For now, the applications that help us order food online, the Google of our Android phones that knows where we are going, the content we see on the internet and the people we talk to frequently, is a sample of AI that surrounds us in everyday life.