Machine Learning for Production

Original article was published by MOD Tech Labs on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Machine Learning for Production

This is a transcript taken from a series of lightning talks focused on modern content creation techniques during SIGGRAPH 2020. Enjoy!

I am Tim Porter, CTO and Co-Founder of MOD Tech Labs, and we’ll be going over the myriad of different ways that we use machine learning — not necessarily insomuch of a “this is a computational neural network” or “this is deep learning,” or anything like that — but to provide the different ways and possibilities that machine learning can be used and how they can interest individuals going through production.

So, a little bit about me: I am a serial entrepreneur. I’ve worked at Volumation, also at Underminer Studios for coming up on five years now. We did a lot of XR work for a bunch of different companies; everything from Microsoft to Quantum Rehabilitation — which quantum is the second largest wheelchair manufacturer in the world. It was actually a pretty cool project. We took on the actual VR driving controls. If you have a joystick or anything like that, we actually put that into the VR experience. So as you went to physically drive the chair, you could either sit in the chair or they made a very special version that could actually come off and it would allow people to go ahead and drive the VR experience — actually, it technically drove windows but that was pretty cool.

We did stuff for KPMG, data visualization, different things like that. And then of course Volumation was a volumetric capture and processing solution much more service based than what MOD does, which is fully automated solutions, things like that.

I graduated Bachelors of Science from Full Sail University. Also worked in games and movies. Last movie I worked on was Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass. Last game I worked on was probably some of the Cars stuff that came out — iOS/Android stuff. Although, I still see games that I worked on, or the tech I worked on that was in it, that still come out on regular basis.

For us — as far as MOD — we received backing through SputnikATX, and Quansight Futures also went ahead and put it on this round. And I, as well as my Co-Founder the last three years, got Intel Top Innovator awards as part of the Intel innovation team. And then the City of Austin Innovation Award, which is super cool, because we didn’t expect that was going to happen. We went up against like these really big companies, and were pretty surprised when we ended up winning — that was a lot of fun!