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Machine Learning is a basic need for everyone now as we are now moving at a very fast progress speed in every field of life. Basically machine learning is a subset ofArtificial Intelligence. Don’t know what is AI no need to worry I am here to help you AI is basically a set of algorithms and instructions based on a big data set that is given to a machine to understand different situations by itself and then to give the most possible accurate solution of it.AI has revolutionized the problem solving by making it easy as no one thought before.The circle of relation between AI and ML is given below is a picture that’s make it easy to understand

The impact of AI in going to be huge in the next few years so the people who learned AI and ML now will be going to sell like hot cakes in next 25 years here is theeconomic impact of AI in globe by 2030 :

Here are the steps to follow if you want to learn machine learning:-

 The foundation of ML in based on problems solving and the techniques used to solve the errors and uncertainties in the given data.To solve problems and errors we use different statistical terms likes regression and averaging.So, in order to start with ML you must know basics of statistics but the question is from where you can learn well I tell you the way I am learning it for free from the experts of google here the link below

Descriptive statistics learning

To solve the set of problems we need differentAlgorithms to build and to transfer our control flow to the other data when the program requires.Algorithm is the base of ML program written in whatever language mostly Python.Here is the link of a book that I follow for learning basic algorithms used in ML.You must like that give a try

Algorithms book


Python is the worlds most growing general purpose high levelprogramming language.Next 25 years belong to python and ML is basically all based on Python programming so learn the basics of Python if you don’t know about it follow the book that is followed to learn the basics of python.Link is below

Python for beginners


Tensor flow is the google open source tool for writing ML programs for you.They provide all the instructions you need for the installation of tools and the system requirement.Go on the official site of tensor flow and follow their instructions.

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