Machine Learning Opens Door For Evocon OEE Software In Manufacturing

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Machine Learning Opens Door For Evocon OEE Software In Manufacturing

Machine learning has provided excellent opportunities for Evocon OEE software in manufacturing processes. Here’s what to know about how it works.

Machine Learning Open doors

I am a regular reader of Louis Columbus on Forbes. He recentlywrote a great article on the impact of machine learning on global manufacturing. There are plenty of ways that manufacturers are using machine learning to bolster their bottom line. These include:

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  • Detecting product defects with machine learning can boost productivity by 50% or more
  • Using AI to optimize outputs to maximize energy efficiency
  • Identifying new ways to lift employee retention with AI software

There are a lot of ways that machine learning is being incorporated into this industry. Evocon OEE software is one of the most cutting-edge forms of technology that uses machine learning.

Using Machine Learning for Improving Manufacturing Processes
The digitalization of manufacturing processes has completely changed industries across most fields and it is not stopping its progress. Machine learning is one of the biggest driving forces in this area.

While companies look for ways to get in line, or even ahead, of current trends, several enterprises have taken it upon themselves to become leaders in this important process, the next evolution stage of manufacturing is already here!

Toyota actually had some of these processes in place back in the 1970s, but they have obviously improved over time. Current machine learning methodologies have improved defect detection by 90%.

All corporations that want to maintain growth in this new era must begin the digitalization of their manufacturing process. As industry and academic leaders are in agreement that this digital transformation will better every part of the manufacturing chain, from research to supply chains, marketing, development, and profits.

Interconnectivity among assets of the manufacturing chain: designers, managers, employees, target consumers, and physical assets will bring enormous benefits, and forever change a company’s manufacturing process. This is one of the biggest ways that machine learning is being used in manufacturing.

Just think about it, perfect synchrony in communications between departments, equipment oversight 24/7, an up to date analytics on every aspect of your chain, pointing out where and how to improve, surpass or fix errors.

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One of the most valuable parts of using machine learning in the digitalization process is the collection of data. Manufacturing is one of the most data-producing parts of the economy, yet most of the data has been overlooked or lost. Now industries have the chance to collect and make important changes upon new information.

Now you know why you need to take a step into digitalization, but how?

Evocon — OEE software, friendly software that takes companies to the next step and digitalization.

Evocon’s OEE software is incredibly visual, engaging and user-friendly, knowing its target audience, designed for the professionals that work in the manufacturing process and not digital experts.

The software makes digitalization easier, with an uncomplicated automatization of data collection from machinery, one of the biggest necessities of companies wanting to stay competitive.

The software already has worldwide users, present in 44 countries, 18 languages helping companies communicate with partners and the world, and 12 industries, ranging from food and wood to plastics and metal production.

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As companies strive for perfection, Evocon provides several benefits to help achieve it:

  • Real-time follow-ups on production progress, taking control of your timelines, detailed data on OEE, production downtime, quality, performance all visualized and presented in an easy to understand format.
  • Important information always available, get the data you need anytime you need it, no waiting for analytics, or reports, information is processed and displayed in real-time and made easy to reach or send any employee/partner that needs it.
  • See the bigger picture, receiving this production data will allow you to get a more broad overview of everything happening in your manufacturing process, more information means more opportunity.
  • Keep track of data and how to use it, get all your information with reports on OEE, production time usage, machine downtime, produced quantities and producft cycle times, to identify areas for improvement. You can also request custom reports.
  • Reach all departments with unlimited users, sharing tools and production information is one of the biggest drivers of advancement.
  • Evocon can be integrated into your current databases, to putting all your production data in one place and improving overall internal workflow and prospects of the company

And that’s just a few of the many benefits you will receive when choosing Evocon’s OEE software within your manufacturing process.