Machine Learning Top 10 Open Source Projects (v.Feb 2018)

This is a new monthly series

For the past month, we ranked nearly 250 Machine Learning Open Source Projects to pick the Top 10.

We compared projects with new or major release during this period. Mybridge AI ranks projects based on a variety of factors to measure its quality for professionals.

  • Average number of Github stars in this edition: 2,540 ⭐️
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  • Topics: Object Detection, Swap Faces, Neural Nets, Predictions, DeepMind, Agent-based AI, Music Generation, Neuroevolution, Translation

Open source projects can be useful for programmers. Hope you find an interesting project that inspires you.

Rank 1

Detectron: FAIR’s research platform for object detection research, implementing popular algorithms like Mask R-CNN and RetinaNet. [11109 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Facebook Research

Rank 2

FaceSwap: A tool that utilizes deep learning to recognize and swap faces in pictures and videos. [3567 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Hidde Jansen

Rank 3

Gradient-checkpointing: Make huge neural nets fit in memory [1073 stars on Github]. Courtesy of OpenAI

Rank 4

Lime: Explaining the predictions of any machine learning classifier [3104 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Marco Ribeiro

Rank 5

Dm_control: The DeepMind Control Suite and Control Package [873 stars on Github]. Courtesy of DeepMind

Rank 6

Psychlab: Experimental paradigms implemented using the Psychlab platform (3D platform for agent-based AI) [4763 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Charles Beattie and Deepmind

Rank 7

Deepj: a deep learning model for style-specific music generation. [291 stars on Github].

Rank 8

Simple: Experimental Global Optimization Algorithm [201 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Chrisstroemel

Rank 9

Deep-neuroevolution: Deep Neuroevolution. Courtesy of Uber

Rank 10

NPMT: Towards Neural Phrase-based Machine Translation [50 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Posenhuang

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