Machine Learning with IBM Watson Studio

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Machine Learning with IBM Watson Studio

In my quest to learn more about Deep Learning, I’ve been reading and using a lot of services to experiment and understand more about their capabilities and practice some use cases.

In this post I will share how simple it was to leverage IBM Watson Services, in particular the Visual Recognition.

For the first test I just used their prebuilt models they offer: General, Food and Explicit. The Food model “utilizes a specialized vocabulary of over 2000 foods to identify meals, food items and dishes with enhanced accuracy”. I simple created a project in IBM Watson Studio and associated the Visual Recognition Service.

Then I select the Food model and under their Test tab I dragged a few pictures.

Those are the scores and classes identified:

IBM Watson Visual Recognition

All this accomplished in 15–20 minutes and no cost.

If you want to try yourself, go to:

Next step I will train a simple model using the same project. Stay tuned!