Magic tricks at TROIA: Multiplying HoloLens 2 glasses!

Original article was published on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

There are 5 applications developed within TROIA AR, which cover a wide range of most common use cases, are developed based on the experience of our existing customers, and cover solutions from real-life use cases.

GISMANAGER — Spatial (GIS) data visualization

Transformation of traditional spatial GIS data into AR data solution, enabling visualization of assets and topology data on the field. Full underground utility infrastructure is digitally presented on the AR supported devices, in front of your eyes.

TAGMANAGER (DIGITAL TWIN)– Digital gauges on assets

Key data visualization of assets from SCADA / IoT / Sensorics. Asset information table and digital gauges can be placed around assets into scene environments and offer the ability to check asset condition in real-time. On the other hand, 3D BIM model of technical assets could be seen in the office or analytics center equipped with the same data to support decision making.

REMOTEMANAGER — Remote support and collaboration

An intuitive real-time visual AR solution that allows immediate guidance by a remote expert to field workers while following the process of work execution. It enables two-way real-time collaboration, supported by rich media exchange.

GUIDEMANAGER — Interactive work guides

Interactive guides with rich media content (images, video, annotations, etc.) for work processes. Guidemanager delivers knowledge transfer with step-by-step instructions for workers, as well as videos of work processes, that can be used for training or teaching new employees, thus empowering the workforce from day one.

WORKMANAGER — Workforce management

Offers a review of work orders and plans for every asset in real-time, enabling on-field workers to manage and finalize work orders on the AR supported device, when the job is completed.

Combining TROIA AR and HoloLens 2 glasses, ensures getting the best of both software and hardware in the field of augmented reality. With, what is known as the most comfortable mixed reality device (HoloLens 2), and customizable TROIA AR applications, the opportunities are limitless and the time to start exploring them, is now.