Making AI Accessible for All, from Clothing Shops to Mega Factories

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Making AI Accessible for All, from Clothing Shops to Mega Factories

Your talented sales force could help your business boost revenue dramatically, if given the right environment.

If you are a retailer, the store’s layout matters, as do its location and foot traffic. One way to find out if any of these factors is keeping your business from reaching its full revenue potential is to strategically place small camera devices with built-in optical sensors to track your shoppers’ footsteps and feed that data to an AI system, Genshin Maruta says.

As ABEJA’s Customer Success Team member, Maruta has helped many clients do just that. ABEJA Insight for Retail, the software with “deep learning” capabilities, analyzes all data fed through the system, including shoppers’ flow and movements, to determine the optimal store layout that would get people to buy more.

Manufacturers are taking advantage of ABEJA’s AI systems, as well. At a Thai plant of an international auto parts manufacturer, for example, cameras capture the workers’ subtle and swift movements that the human eye would otherwise overlook. The AI system developed on the ABEJA Platform analyzes the data to identify wasteful motions and optimal workflow.

AI may sound like a mysterious digital instrument for conducting research. In reality, it’s an entrepreneur’s tool. It enables you to rethink the way you do business and innovate to take your business into the future.

“As we work with our clients to create AI systems to match their needs, I often see them begin to look at their operations in a completely different light,” Maruta says. “Yes, AI can do complex, time-consuming work for you with a level of precision and accuracy that you’ve never experienced before. But another true benefit of adopting AI is that it gives you the opportunity to identify what matters most to your business, and the ability to put critical data at your fingertips.

We are launching ABEJA MAGAZINE to take you into this world of AI. The magazine is our open invitation to you to explore what’s possible with AI and to dream your future along with us.

Today, staying competitive requires far more than upgrading existing computer systems or machines. We believe the key to getting ahead in this fast-evolving economy lies in AI. In the coming decades, AI will be crucial to turning people’s great ideas into successful businesses. We want to be the catalyst for it, and that’s why we named our business ABEJA, which means “honeybee” in Spanish. Just as bees help flowers bloom and fruits grow, we wish to be the agent that brings together humanity and technology to create a more prosperous society. Technopreneurship, which is the central concept to our business, refers to this merger of people’s mind power and technology.

AI needs to benefit everybody. Whether you own a mom-and-pop store or operate a multinational corporation, AI should be equally accessible to you.

To that end, ABEJA has developed our own platform to make AI adoption simpler for everyone. The ABEJA Platform is a blueprint that businesses can use to custom-build powerful AI systems efficiently. From algorithm modeling to data infrastructure designing to dataset creation, you can do it all on the platform and continuously make them better. We are also developing industry-specific turnkey software, including ABEJA Insight for Retail, which is already being used by many businesses, as part of our commitment to providing end-to-end AI solutions to organizations of all scales and types and to help them take their businesses to a brand new level.

And we couldn’t think of a better place to offer our AI solutions than Southeast Asia — namely the region represented by the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN) — to offer our AI solutions. In 2017, ABEJA opened its subsidiary, ABEJA Singapore, Pte. Ltd. In this major hub of global manufacturing and financial activity — and hotbed of “unicorn” startups — corporate leaders are seeking ways to further innovate and also to cut costs. We believe AI can empower them to be the visionaries that they are and successfully compete with their counterparts in the rest of the world.

While ABEJA MAGAZINE is published by ABEJA, we want it to be a valuable information source for all those interested in AI. We will strive for coverage that provides you with a big industry picture and inspiration to succeed in the era of AI.

It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy ABEJA MAGAZINE and join us for our journey toward a prosperous, AI-supported future.


From all of us at ABEJA SINGAPORE