Maniks Sequential Controller Used for Operate Pulse Valve in Dust Collector System

Maniks is a leading Indian brand who supplies the high efficient and best quality components for the dust collector system. Sequential controller is one of the key products of the dust collector equipment.

What is Sequential Controller?

It is a system where the particular steps are performed in a preset order such as next step to be happen is completely dependent on the previous step that means it should satisfy the first condition before the next step. The operation is basically time dependant and the steps performed are known as transition states. These conditions can be function of input signal or combination of input and previous state. In sequential controller this overall operation is performed in a sequential time intervals and controlled by microcontroller.

Requirement of sequential controller in a Dust Collector System

Dust is produced in each and every manufacturing industry such as Cement, Steel, Bakery, Metal Plant, Food and Beverage industry etc. Hence the dust collector system must be available in such industries. Sequential controller provides automatic sequential operation to the overall system.

Maniks Sequential Controller has been designed to operate the MANIKS solenoid pilot valves used in dust collector equipment. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) provide visual indication of which pilot valve is being energized as well as “Power On” indication. The number of sequenced steps is adjustable from 2 through 10.Controls are provided to adjust the length of time between valves being de-energized (Pulse Frequency / off time) and the length of time that the valve is energized (Pulse Duration / on time). Silicon semiconductor components control all timing and logic Functions.

Two independent methods of starting and stopping the Controller are provided. The first method will automatically stop the sequence and reset the Controller to the first valve position whenever A. C. power is removed and then reconnected.

The second method is by a remote control contact connected to the terminals provided. When the remote contact is opened, the sequence stops. When the remote contact is reclosed, the sequence continues from the previous. In sequential counter both the methods are performed in predetermined order.

Actual Working of Sequential controller

The Sequential Controller provides timed sequential energization and de-energization of pulse valves connected in series. When power is applied to the Controller, the “Power On” light emitting diode (LED) provides visual indication and pilot valve number 1 is immediately energized. “Output 1” LED provides visual indication to this event.

The pilot valve will remain energized for the length of time as indicated by the setting of the “Pulse Duration / on time” control. Note that the calibrated dials are for approximate settings only and if exact times are required, they must be measured.

Pilot valve number 2 will automatically be energized at some time interval after pilot valve number 1 has been de-energized. This length of time will be as indicated by the setting of the “Pulse Frequency / off time” control, “Output 2” LED will provide visual indication that this event is occurring. The Controller will continue to sequentially energize the pilot valves until the power is removed. This operation is performed by sequential controller to obtain smooth and reliable performance of dust collection.

Why Maniks?

Maniks is a well known brand in the production of electromechanical industrial products. They supply most reliable and efficient products with best quality performance. There are various components in dust collector system designed by Maniks such as Pulse valve, Spare diaphragm, Solenoid valve, Sequential controller etc. All these elements are compatible with each other and give best performance in dust collection.

Maniks sequential controller operates pilot operated pulse valves in a dust collector system and performs timed operation. Its maintenance is very easy and can be replaced easily.


The Sequential controller by Maniks has following advantages

· It is a Cost efficient product

· Provides high quality performance for longer life

· Automatic control to the system is possible

· Consumes very low Time and Power

· Ease of installation and maintenance

· Possess Good flow characteristics


Because of the benefits discussed earlier Maniks sequential controller is used by following industries in their dust collection equipments

· Lime and cement processing

· Grain, agriculture, and feed

· Metalworking (welding, grinding, cutting)

· Food processing

· Heavy industries (iron, steel)

· Pharmaceutical Industries

· Power engineering (coal-fired power plants)

· Wood machining

Source: Deep Learning on Medium