Marion Carré

Original article was published by Beth Jochim on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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Marion Carré carries out several activities in parallel: entrepreneur, teacher, speaker, author and artist. All of these approaches allow her to explore the relationships between art and artificial intelligence from different angles.

Twitter: @Ma_rionC
Instagram: @_marioncarre

Art+AI Expertise

I explore through my work the sum of subjectivities that make up our relationship to reality. As artificial intelligence encodes our knowledge by learning from it to reproduce our reasoning on a larger scale, it acts as a revelator of our perception of the world around us.

Work with AI

I published a book about Art & Artificial intelligence called “Propos sur l’art et l’intelligence artificielle. Artiste en devenir ?” in March 2020.

My last project is an online participatory artwork that involve AI & clouds to to establish an emotional secret language :


The advent of AI pushes us as humans to a certain introspection. This technology learns from our knowledge whether it is right or wrong. Involved in art, AI acts as a kind of distorting mirror in which we must look at ourselves to avoid reproducing on a large scale our biases.