Master AI Curriculum: The Mathematics/Programming

“The Matrix Has Been Cracked”

The Mathematics

A ) Calculus

This particular branch of mathematics is focused on the properties of derivatives and integrals of functions. The stereotype around calculus, is that the complexity of this branch of mathematics is not for the faint of heart. It may sound complex but the beauty of the internet is in our favor here.

3Blue1Brown: The Essence Of Calculus

This website is home to one of the best mathematics courses on the internet. Grant Sanderson has created this courses with the intent to feel like you could have created these maths yourself. The simplistic visuals really stood out to me. All of his visuals along with his explanations really helped me visualize the information that I was getting verbally. Once you finish this course you will have a very robust intuition about calculus.

B ) Linear Algebra

This branch of mathematics focuses on linear equations. Specifically, it involves understanding how linear functions are represented through matrices and vector spaces.

3Blue1Brown: The Essence Of Linear Algebra

Grant Sanderson has done it again! This course is beautifully structured to get you to understand what is really going on with matrices and helps you become very familiar with the terminology for linear algebra.

C ) Probability

This branch of mathematics involves learning the probability the something will happen. You will be studying how to calculate the likely hood that some event will occur.

I can say with confidence this course will teach you everything that you need. I personally have taken three different probability courses, and I find this to be the most robust course to learn probability. This course can be exhausting, but if you frame this process like “I am investing in my future and taking stock within myself” this process will be quite enjoyable.

The Programming

Python is super easy to learn

Python is a very high level programming language for general purpose programming. Where it excels is machine learning and deep learning. When I first began to learn python I assumed learning a whole language would be very difficult. To my surprise thanks to the powerful library and a very readable syntax, learning python was a breeze and quite enjoyable!

Udemy: The Python Mega Course

This course is an amazing one stop shop. After completing this course I knew how to create many real world applications such as web scraping, building websites with with flask, and database applications using python. For a very small charge of 10$ you can start learning how to use python for the real world. This course will give you a very robust knowledge of the basics of the python syntax. As you continue in your journey in AI you will pick up everything you need to know from studying program code.

Effective Tools For Learning Math

Learning math is all about how you frame your mindset towards learning. Personally, I use what I call the brute force mindset. I believe in repetitions, I think if you spend time learning anything day in day out you will shock yourself how self discipline can help you expand your mind. If you have self discipline you can learn anything your curiosity draws you too.

Symbolab is an amazing resource. learning mathematics. It gives you endless numbers of practice problems to help build your intuition of mathematics into something beautiful.

Another resource which definitely is one of the most popular learning resource to use is Khan Academy. Quite frankly you can learn any form of mathematics if you put the time in on Khan Academy. Personally, this website has been one of my most fundamental resources I have used in order to learn the math of AI.

Source: Deep Learning on Medium