Measure ocean, land, air quality and more with new datasets and analytics

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

We’re happy to announce that there are new Sentinel datasets and partner algorithms now available on UP42 for you to use in your workflows. Our marketplace now includes Sentinel-3, Sentinel-5P, and Sentinel-2 AOI clipped data, as well as new partner algorithms for super-resolution and building detection.

Three new open satellite datasets

The Sentinel family of satellites is a series of next-generation open Earth Observation data sources developed by the European Space Agency (ESA).

As UP42 brings together ESA’s full discography, we feature three more Sentinel datasets now freely available on our platform, courtesy of one of our partners, Sobloo.

1. Sentinel-2 AOI-Clipped

Previously, you had the option of using Sentinel-2 L1C Full Scenes from Sobloo or Sentinel-2 L2A AOI-clipped from Sentinel Hub.

But, many of you told us that you would like AOI-clipped versions of the Sobloo Sentinel-2 L1C data—so that you wouldn’t have to work with full scenes.

Based on your feedback, we’ve made AOI-clipped versions possible through this new data block.

2. Sentinel-3 Full Scenes

Sentinel-3 is an ocean and land mission composed of three versatile satellites with multiple instruments ranging from Temperature Radiometers to a SAR Altimeter.

The Sentinel-3 Full Scenes block by Sobloo provides full scenes of all Sentinel-3 products in the original netcdf format.

The satellites can detect a wide array of environmental parameters, including:

  • Sea-surface topography
  • Water quality
  • Pollution monitoring (both inland and at sea)
  • Fire detection
  • Weather forecasting
  • Climate modeling

Here’s an image of Cyclone Debbie hitting the eastern Australian coast, taken by Sentinel-3 (ESA).